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XG - can anyone help please?

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Hi, I like the fact that there is now more analysis but currently I don't understand this or certainly how to use this information going forward.


I would be helpful if someone could explain how I could read the graph at post match and use that information in future games?


Thanks in advance


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I am by no means am expert on this and there are various youtube videos explaining this in detail.

The xG as far as I understand shows you the quality of chances you had. Each shot based on the position and danger it provides is given a score on how good it was and they are added up to a cumulative score. 

A score of 1 would technically mean you should have scored a goal based on the chances created. If you have a score of 2 but didn't score yet, then I suppose you were unlucky or maybe the opposition is just defending really well? If you see your xG is not good compared to the opposition, then maybe take a look at your movement and positions from where you are trying to score. You may have to adjust something. 

I am not sure how much the xG helps beyond the game? Maybe it can show you some deficiencies against certain formations or some tweaking required as to your movement/chance creation/space.

I am sure someone more knowledge will add to all this. 

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I guess it is more accurate and nuanced. It shows you how good the quality was. If you check the shot map you can hover over the chances to see it's score. 

With the shots it was a very crude way to identify how well you did. You had lots of shots but so what? Were they good? 

I suppose the analysis is the same in the end just that the xG will give you better Information.

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Thank you, that makes sense. I've also read a little bit more about it at lunch time. I suppose if I can see a players XG over the season I can see if he's wasteful or worth buying. Based on a better understanding of quality, I could see if a player is wasting a lot quality chances he's expected to score so I wont bother with him.


As a team, I can whittle down who's performing and who isn't, as you say based on quality and not generic chances.

Thanks, I do have a much better understanding of how to use this going forward.



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