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How do i know how good a certain player is for the standard of the league i play?

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Disclaimer before, english is not my main first language, so there will be many grammar error and wrong vocabulary and also maybe confusing phrases. Apologies.

So i played Football Manager almost biennial. starting from FM12, 14, 16 then skipping 18 to play 19 then 20 and now i am so excited to play FM21. So you could assume that my knowledge of FM is quite thorough.

The thing is, in every FM edition before i always playing with Manchester United (which is the club i like the most irl) and other clubs in top 5 european league (plus Portuguese and Eredivisie).

This year, watching how good the ME is and having some time nowadays, i am so excited and interested to try some lower league management. well maybe not "Oman 3rd division" low. Maybe like some main league in an obscure european country or lower division in some big country. The thing is, it's a bit hard for me to know how good a certain player for the league i play. My scaling is all over the place because i tend to play with big leagues.

so back to the main question, any tips about How do i know how good a certain player is for the standard of the league i play?

thanks in advance

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Before the season starts, go to the season preview tab. There will be a section that shows the top players in the competition. You can compare your target players with the top players there and get an idea how good they are. Your scout reports will also state whether they are a decent,good or leading player in the league.

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Any scout reports for players will show the star ratings compared to your current players. Then you could look at your current players reports to see how they are judged to be in relation to the league you play in. That way if a player coming in is a bit lower or higher in star ratings than your current lot you can work out exactly how good they are in relation to league and if they are a good buy. 

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