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Opposition Report -------> Full Opposition Report ------> Brings you to report on your own team

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Having trouble with opposition scouting reports. They're often times incomplete, and the menus don't seem to go to the right place. 

Playing in La Liga with Real Sociedad (so it's not like I'm a non-professional team without scouts and etc.)  

Inbox ----->  Wednesday November 24th, 2021 - 3rd item down "Granada Opposition report"  

When you click on that email, you get the report from the HPA on the right side.  When you go to click "full opposition report" (towards the bottom) it just brings you back to your club. 

There's also no scouting report available which would usually include team comparison, and etc. 


Thank you for your help! 


(my save game file is too big to upload) 

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