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Substitution bug - 2 players removed for 1 sub

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Summary: Two players were subbed off, and only 1 subbed in during  a single substitution

Description of Issue: In the 62nd minute of the match uploaded here(playing as Auxerre against St Etienne) I made a substitution and then hit confirm. I immediately changed my mind. So went back into tactics to change who was being subbed off, done this by dragging the icon of the subbed off player onto a different player still on the pitch. As you can see from the screenshots and uploaded match, the game has decided to sub both players off here instead. I had to play the rest of the match with 10 men, which again you see in the screenshots is not a result of a red-card or due to an injury and running out of subs.






AJ Auxerre v AS Saint-Etienne.pkm

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