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Players growth !!!!

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Why my star players stop improving stats at 24-26yo ? I played 3 seasons with chelsea. Timo werner had 41+ goals for 2 seasons and pulisic 20+ goals and ast, both 7.5+ avrating. But after the first 2 seasons they stop growing cuz they already peaked. Some players are like 28 yo and they still gained some stats. I tried to criticise them in training, change traning methods but nothing works. The game is for fun but this issue is very annoying cuz we always want our players to get better :( and it also seems like others players in different teams doesnt grow as much :idiot:

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Players attributes will continue to rise while their CA is below their PA which is set in the database- if they have reached their potential, they can continue to perform at the highest level without their attributes rising any further

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