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FM21 West Ham any success?

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I’ve done my usual with the new FM and always play with the team I know most about. However I’m struggling to find anything (that isn’t plug n play) that works with West Ham. So much so I tested (well....left the computer on for a season with different tactics so it’s not accurate compared to playing) but 95% time I get the sack before the season ends.

I’ve tried 4231, 433, 4411, 442, 523 (with no TI and with TI) but its always similar results. I find it very strange when in reality they’re 5th at the moment. I found it relatively easy to get them European football with fm20 with varied tactics.

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You have to post a screenshot of your tactic - i.e. at least one of those you tried - because otherwise none can tell you what you are possibly doing wrong. 

9 hours ago, Englishhammer said:

I’ve tried 4231, 433, 4411, 442, 523

These are just formations, not tactics. You can create a number of different tactics within any formation, and each of them can be bad if your tactical approach is wrong. 

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