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Missing features from game manual

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Firstly, I'm on android and loving the game, I'm just missing a few significant features and wondered if I was missing something or do I g something wrong.

The game manual for touch (accessed within game under preferences) says under the playing a game section, it  speaks about a pre match staff meeting where a backroom team provide an opposition report which includes expected line up and tactical advice. This is before team selection.


So far, I have never seen this and I do have a scout assigned to scout next opponents.

My game goes straight to team selection, and nothing is provided about the next opponents. 

It then says that after submitting team selection you get instant feedback (pre match meeting) from the players just before kick off so you can asset any positivity and negativity from players to tactically use with your shout. It says pay close attention to this.

I don't get this at all, it goes straight to team sheets.

Once I continue from this the match starts. 

The manual describes the dugout where I can ask the staff for specific information. It says I can select 'show me' and 'ask for'

I can't see this at all, the dugout appears between highlights (I have max highlights) but quickly disappears before I can read when another highlight comes on. I have to pause to read it but cannot still see a 'show me' or 'ask for' even when it's up.

I can bring up the tablet display on the far right on demand due to button on bottom of screen but cannot see anything to bring the dug out up on demand.

The manual also talks about widgets that I can configure and use but this is under the 'show me' which I can't see.


Finally, under advanced gameplay it talks about custom game flow. It only applies on a save (not from title scfeen) and is accessed via preferences and you search for custom game flow in order to configure. I cannot see this anywhere on any tab or even using the search panel within preferences.


Can anyone help or advise Please?


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You get information in your inbox a couple of days before a game showing the expected tactic and opponent analysis to click on. You also get after a few games how they're doing in attack /defense and their Stat illustration. 

The feedback is for the full game not touch - at least I haven't seen this in FMT so far. In full FM you get some green or red highlights depending on your tactic and instructions. 

I haven't really seen a way to adjust the dugout or the stats. Only the tablet can be changed. Widgets is from previous versions. 

Not sure what is meant with custom game flow. 

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It's all in the manual which is specifically for the touch version and accessed from within the game.


Anything in their should be in the game, it also clearly states control over dugout, feedback and game flow.


Can someone from SI please comment, no problem if it's  a bug that can be fixed it's must annoying not being able to use the features.


I now have scout reports, it appears you don't get them for friendlies (which differs from other versions) but I'm now getting them for official games

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  • SI Staff

Hi - this sounds like an issue with something having been put in the manual which is from the main game and not the touch version (the manual is edited from the PC equivalent I believe).

Apologies for any confusion.

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1 hour ago, Marc Vaughan said:

Hi - this sounds like an issue with something having been put in the manual which is from the main game and not the touch version (the manual is edited from the PC equivalent I believe).

Apologies for any confusion.

That's no problem Marc, I understand that these things happen.


The dugout is in the game though but I can't seem to have any control regarding toggling this on screen or not? When it flashes up by itself, it goes off very quickly when a highlight kicks in and I can't toggle it back on as an overlay. I play comprehensive highlights so not being able to read dugout advice is a problem.


Also, is the 'show me' , 'ask for' aspect of the dug out meant to be in touch or is this only in the main game?

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