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Major Crash (Disk write)


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This is the second time i get a major crash because of graphics card outdated fault! if im in game when my graphics driver suddenly is outdated, a major error comes up and throws me out of game then i update my graphics driver only to fins out that steam throws a Disk Write Error at me at which i have to uninstall the whole steam app out of my computer and set it up again now the problem is that it sounds easy but it took me nearly 2 hours this time and a lot of google searching just to install it again, this is the only game that produces this kind of error on my computer and i'm getting kind of sick of it ! i posted about this problem a month ago on the crash forum which is now been taken out and locked so i am putting this here for other player's to know what to do (That is to uninstall steam and install it again) now sometimes you can't delete steam because a "File is open in another program" https://windowsreport.com/action-cannot-be-completed-because-file-open-another-program/#:~:text=If%20you're%20frequently%20getting%20The%20action%20cannot%20be%20completed,by%20deleting%20the%20temp%20folders.&text=When%20the%20temp%20folder%20opens,Press%20Enter%20or%20click%20OK. this is the guide for that , now i had to go through 9 steps and "Turn of my computer" Dont just restart it!! i hope this doesn't happen again and if it will to any of you guys just follow these steps.

Although very time consuming and very frustrating.

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