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FM17 Win One Steal One (Experiment)

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Hey guys welcome to my experiment on FM17 where I have loaded every league and every player in the game and am completing an experiment on what would happen if every game the highest rated player on the losing team switches over to the winning team. I am doing this via screen flow so there is a pretty good chance some smaller leagues will be skipped accidentally but the experiment should still be interesting. I will update weekly on the biggest move by CA on every day that week as well as the results of all competitions. This experiment will also transfer over to the international game as well. The first move of this experiment was Ricardo Sendra from Geylang Int. to Loyola (PHI) as a result of a Singaporean Cup match.

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Week One (July 1st to July 7th)

image.jpeg.01424d4c5f25435a72d4ba69f9e18ca2.jpegJuly 1st- Lars Christopher Vilsvik (Stromgodset to Sarpsborg)


image.jpeg.7c2d55bc372c124999e7c01d99057db0.jpegJuly 2nd - Carlos Tevez (Shanghai Shenhua to Shandong)

image.jpeg.5f3da0abca767e3ef85052498a56b194.jpegJuly 3rd - Valdivia (INT to SPO)                                             

image.jpeg.f2ad36cb3d6bf2b24fdc4217e84638ad.jpegJuly 4th - Giovanni dos Santos (LA Galaxy to Vancouver Whitecaps)

image.jpeg.a53df900ef6837ad512dcb5b30f4c71a.jpegJuly 5th - Armando Wila (Union Comercio to Juan Aurich)

image.jpeg.e81f4c0a562790e0177a32de96efb886.jpegJuly 6th - Diego Souza (SPT to SEP)

image.jpeg.dea863aad926a26eb5dedc34dcd2576d.jpegJuly 7th - Orlando Berrio (FLA to CHA)

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Week 2 (July 8th to July 14th)

Alianza Lima vs Universitario: Luis Ramírez será baja para el clásico |  Crónica VivaJuly 8th - Luis Ramirez (Alianza Lima to Comerciantes)

image.jpeg.4b803ba46b150df78ec41b1cd3f53ade.jpegJuly 9th - Sebastian Giovinco (Seattle to LA Galaxy)

image.jpeg.2974735de48fab96f56371bcb15cd5a2.jpegJuly 10th - Andrea Pirlo (NYCFC to Sporting Kansas City)

image.jpeg.65fcd46e3f07d26fe48adc1982c0dc0e.jpegJuly 11th - Rodrigo (SPT to ATM)

image.jpeg.d393203b9896efd32ead16b66d212943.jpegJuly 12th - Fredy Guarin (Shanghai Shenhua to Shandong)

image.jpeg.a471cb323dbe294dd2a619e4b5a4c351.jpegJuly 13th - Michael Bradley (Toronto FC to Columbus Crew)

image.jpeg.ecdbb32468c35341c3c16961634c436d.jpegJuly 14th - Sondre Rossbach (Odd to Hearts)

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Damn, I believed for a second it was that old interactive game in which we can register with a national team and then pick ourselves the players we get... that was fun ;)

This could be also, but a little to many teams and moves to follow... best of luck though!

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Week 3 (15th July to 21st July)

image.jpeg.992115fecaf53bcc03f661862f4e8f37.jpeg15th July - Javier Cortes (Pumas to Veracruz)

image.jpeg.465ec220e0e07cf8255f62e01f9abe5a.jpeg16th July - Axel Witsel (Quanjian to Renhe)

image.jpeg.86915ca5b65484c1a9bf97994a48d7b1.jpeg17th July - Grafite (ATP to ATM)

image.jpeg.fcf3abc4e03e56bc8671afe817f36143.jpeg18th July - William Pottker (INT to FLA)

image.jpeg.8bee4396cd4048c77d85b98c41057185.jpeg19th July - Adriano (CBR to BRP)

image.jpeg.f7de7c1ada20bf798b136cdbfaf9f6fd.jpeg20th July - Goran Popov (Vardar to Legia Warsaw)

image.jpeg.c54eb40ef080e636c719dacd6d2dbe59.jpeg21st July - Pero Pejic (Kukesi to Austria Wien)


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