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[FM21] The Alphabet Challenge

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Football Manager 2021: The Alphabet Challenge

Hi guys, this year I'm going to take on a real challenge: winning the top division in every default country in Football Manager, but in alphabetical order. SO in total, that is 52 top-flight leagues I need to win. In addition to this, I'm aiming to win the Champions League in each continent too.

I'm starting unemployed with no coaching badges and Sunday league playing experience, like so: 


The first job will be in Argentina which will probably take the longest as we look to build up reputation, hopefully once completing Argentina, Australia and Austria will be quicker to tick off, and then we can really get into it. Stay tuned for the next update where I will introduce team number one!

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After a relentless job hunt and plenty of rejections, the Alphabet Challenge is finally underway, as we were approached by Mitre (SdE) who are languishing on the brink of relegation from the Argentine Second Division with a handful of games left to play.


We are currently in 15th out of 16 teams but thankfully only the bottom placed team go down, so we have a real chance of staying up and start building our reputation. We are the lowest scorers with just 15 goals in 22 games so that is something I will be looking to rectify, along with our away form seeing as we haven't won a game away all year. Defensively we seem quite solid which is something I'll be looking to continue, so the aim in the last 8 games will be to nick as many points as possible and pull clear of the relegation zone.


We do play Alvarado at home in the run in which I feel will determine who stays up. If we can get up to 30 points by the end of the season then I think it'll just be enough to keep our heads above water. It won't be easy as we play teams all in the top 8 apart from Alvarado. I reckon we will stay up as we do have some talent in the squad, but winning our home games will be key. We're still in the cup too but I'm not overly concerned about that as staying up is the number one priority, because if we do get relegated we are guaranteed to be sacked as there isn't a playable league below this one.


Join me for the next update where we'll find out whether I've done enough to keep Mitre up, or whether we'll be back at the job centre.

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