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Football Manager 2021 Xbox Edition Minor Update 21.1.3 Out Now!

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We're delighted to announce that the first minor update for Football Manager 2021 Xbox Edition, 21.1.3, is out now! The game should update automatically on your Xbox console or Windows PC. Please note this is a minor update with a few key improvements and fixes to address some specific issues as outlined below - you can expect more updates to come in 2021.

All the fixes in this update are fully save game compatible, allowing you to continue your pre-existing saves, except for the fix for incorrect fixture scheduling which may require starting a new save to be fully resolved.

A huge thank you to all of you for giving us feedback on the game and reporting bugs on our bugs forum, and thank you for your patience in waiting for this update to arrive. As always, please report any issues on our bugs forum and we'd be delighted to hear whether this update resolves any of the issues you previously reported.




- Fixed instances of freezes when leaving matches in online modes.
- Fixed long delays related to text entry on the Add Manager screens.
- Fixed long delay between steps in Squad Induction.


- Fix for Money, Money, Money and Value for Money achievements not unlocking.
- Fixed some Challenges being too difficult to pass.
- Fixed issues with fixture scheduling.


- Added screen calibration option in Preferences to help ensure screen can be adjusted to fit 720p displays.
- Fix for missing UI during Fantasy Draft matches.
- Improvements to Tactics screen UX.
- Fixed Team Instructions cut-off in Fantasy Draft mode on consoles.
- Fixed overlapping NavCon on Code of Conduct inbox item.
- Fixed not being able to move the focus back to questions in Remote Chat popup dialog.


- Fixes for some items not displaying in the in-game store.
- Fixed missing icons for items in the in-game store.


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