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View only league teams not singing managers/rehiring managers after being sacked.

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So i am testing the newgen fix and i have noticed that every single view only league (of which i have every league as viewonly besides Switzerland where this issue doesnt exist)

I notice that alot of teams are missing Key, hot prospect, captains, vice captains but most importantly there are no managers at ALOT of clubs

They fall into two camps they either

a) never sign a manager from game start date

b) sack a manager and never rehire a new one.

Keep in mind these are view only leagues but it still does not seem right.
 I have uploaded my save under "Jayden Mcfarlane - Unemployed.fm"

image.thumb.png.c03a32b49b96379d9879f9921162f1d5.pngHere is a screenshot of a prime example on why i think this is a bug.


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