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Saved by the pandemic

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Hi FM Players,

This challenge is based on the covid outbreak. In The Netherlands, there wasnt handed promotion and relegation, unlike other competitions. However, RKC was alredy about to be relegated, and Cambuur about to win the second league. For this save, you can choose one of the following teams:

Ado Den Haag
Last season: 17th
Last season Ado was set to be relegated if it wasnt for Covid. This season it isnt going well neither. Can you keep the club from the 3th biggest city in the Eredivisie? And give a big city a big club? 

RKC Waalwijk
Last season: 18th
RKC was promoted due to an extra time winner over Go Ahead Eagles in a play off final. However, in their first eredivisie season in some time they finished bottom last just before covid broke out. If you choose this team, you will have to keep them in the Eredivisie. Your biggest rivals are talent producers Willem II, from West Brabant. They are doing very well last years. Your main focus is to become bigger than Willem II, although that isnt very hard. Relegation isnt challenge over, if you won't be sacked just try to be promoted again. 


Keuken kampioen Divisie:
SC Cambuur
Last season: 1st
Cambuur was about to win the league but covid came...... The "deers'' from Leeuwarden played some eredivisie football but last years they stuck in the second tier. Their big big big rivals are other, bigger, Frisian side SC Heerenveen. the Frisian Derby is always a big match. In real life Cambuur is leading this division again. your goal is to be promoted and overclass Heerenven.

De Graafschap
Last season: 2nd
De Graafschap, ''Superboeren'', played regular Eredivisie football but they were relegated in 2018/19. They were sat to be promoted straight again, but covid broke out. Your goal is to bring them back in the Eredivisie and bring them some glory.

Thanks for reading, reply if you are doing this challenge and have fun!

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