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The Rivals Challenge


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Please note, I haven't completed this myself, it's in progress, so it may not be feasible (please discuss)

The idea is you take charge of a big club, and you do your best to screw them up. It's up to you how you do it, you could do it gradually over a few seasons, get them relegated, put them in financial trouble, cut back their facilities etc. Or just go all out sell off all their best players at a loss, bring in some donkeys for massive wages and appearance bonuses etc. Anyway eventually you will get sacked. At this point you are not allowed to apply for jobs, you have to be headhunted. That's where it will help to have played it subtly, gradually undermining the team over a few seasons rather than just nuking them in a week. It will of course help a lot to be playing in at least four levels, or even with a non league database. When you get a job your challenge is now to get promoted above or level to your previous team.

Bonus points for the following:

Bring in a good player from the former club to your new club
Beat your previous club on at least 2 occasions
Win a bidding war over a player with your former club
Increase the level of club rivalry (requires in-game editor to view this stat)
Get your new clubs average attendances above the first club
Get at least 5 of your first clubs players to dislike you

All other suggestions welcome!

It's not required, but it could also be interesting to try to use two clubs that are closely located. Eg you could start at Man Utd, and end up in Salford City. You might have to go through a few lower league jobs to get there. That will make them more likely to be rivals, and could even end up being a derby game for both teams.

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