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Hello folks!

Different kind of challenge! We're not trying to emulate Jose Mourinho or Sir Alex, nor trying to climb from the depths of the 13th level in the league system. This challenge is simple, yet difficult: 

The year is 2034. AFC Fylde are hard stuck in the Championship, having spent the last 9 season in Englands second level. Having recently avoided FFP sanctions and/or bankruptcy, the club has begun it's 'rebuild' for promotion anew. The club is solidly established as a mid table club that routinely challenges for a playoff spot, but despite having reached playoffs twice, they still remain solidly in the the Championship. 

League finishes can be seen here, with 34/35 being the current season:


The squad you'll be working with: 


So can you do it? 

Can you be the one to finally bring this club out of The Championship, and into the Premier League? Savefile can be downloaded here: https://we.tl/t-VmQj9KOc0k 
The game is on the most recent update. 

I look forward to seeing your results - feel free to ask questions! 



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