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FM-21 Ultimate European Club Challenge (Requires Weiry Mega Pack)

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For this challenge you will need to download Weiry Mega Pack of extra playable leagues which i have included below.

You will only need the European countries, there is also the Gibralter league from si included as well, A list of the countries needed will be listed at the bottom of this page.

There will also be a spreadsheet you can download and use to keep track of your progress.

You can not choose other add-ons, only these databases are allowed and they are all required. How many leagues you load at any time is still up to you but you will need to start your management career in any of these countries. San Marino, Andorra, Faroe Islands, Kosovo, Gibraltar, Estonia, Northern Ireland, Georgia.


Download link for Weiry mega pack (including the Gibraltar League from SI)




Gibraltar League.fmf


Starting up:

Make sure the database add-ons from Weiry is activated with no other database add-ons.

start a game with as few or as many leagues as you want, and change around during game but you must start in one of these counties. San Marino, Andorra, Faroe Islands, Kosovo, Gibraltar, Estonia, Northern Ireland, Georgia.

Attribute masking is optional, but in-game editor is not allowed to be used.

Start a manager and with no coaching badges (at the start. You can and should obtain them along the way).

You can start unemployed if you want or you can choose a team from any of the 8 countries.

Sunday League Footballer reputation.

No use of in-game editor.

All other advanced options (e.g. adding players to playable teams) are allowed.

You can start with any number of nations loaded but you will need to start your management career in one of these countries. San Marino, Andorra, Faroe Islands, Kosovo, Gibraltar, Estonia, Northern Ireland, Georgia.

Any database size, any start date.




Win as many trophies as you can from the 54 European countries aiming to win the top division in as many countries as you can.

You must start your management career in any of these countries. San Marino, Andorra, Faroe Islands, Kosovo, Gibraltar, Estonia, Northern Ireland, Georgia.

You get points for winning League's & Cups based on the reputation of the competition, (Example if you win the English FA Cup you will gain 151 points, win the Faroe Islands Premier League and you will get 45 Points)

If you gain promotion from a lower League you still get the points for that competition but it wont count as a trophy unless you win the league.

When you start up the challenge post a screenshot of your manager profile.

Post updates so everyone can see your progress.

Post screenshots when you win a competion or gain points then i can add it to the leaderboard.


Spreadsheet can be found here or the full list of countries & competitions are listed below.


FM21 Countries.xlsx


Spain 182
England 177
Germany 169
Italy 167
France 160
Portugal 153
Russia 150
Belgium 144
Holland 142
Turkey 140
Ukraine 139
Austria 139
Denmark 135
Scotland 134
Czech Republic 133
Switzerland 132
Greece 132
Cyprus 132
Serbia 131
Croatia 130
Sweden 127
Norway 126
Israel 123
Azerbaijan 122
Belarus 122
Kazakhstan 122
Bulgaria 119
Poland 118
Romania 118
Slovakia 117
Slovenia 112
Hungary 106
Armenia 98
North Macedonia 97
Albania 97
Bosnia & Herzegovina 97
Moldova 95
Iceland 95
Finland 91
Montenegro 84
Luxembourg 75
Lithuania 74
Latvia 72
Ireland 64
Malta 62
Wales 60
Georgia 57
Northern Ireland 56
Estonia 56
Gilbratar 56
Kosovo 55
Faroe Islands 45
Andorra 40
San Marino 26
Albanian Superleague 97
Albanian Cup 77
Albanian First Category 74
Albanian Super Cup 48
Kategoria e Dyte-Grupi A 32
Kategoria e Dyte-Grupi B 32
Kategoria e Trete 10
Andorran 1st Division 40
Andorran Cup 25
Andorran 2nd Division 20
Andorran Super Cup 10
Armenian High League 98
Armenian Cup 86
Armenian Super Cup 80
Armenian 1st League 30
Austrian Premier Division 139
Austrian FA Cup 137
Austrian 1st Division 110
Azeri Premier League 122
Azeri Cup 110
Azeri 1st League 45
Azeri Regional League 15
Belarusian Highest League 122
Belarusian Cup 95
Belarusian Super Cup 95
Belarusian 1st League 81
Belarusian 2nd League 33
Belarusian Region Championships 20
Gomel Region Cup 15
Grodno Region Cup 15
Minsk Cup 15
Brest Region Cup 15
Vitebsk Region Cup 15
Mogilev Region Cup 15
Belarusian Level 5 13
Belarusian Level 6 7
Brest City League Cup 5
ALF League Cup 5
Belarusian Level 7 4
Belarusian Level 8 2
Belarusian Level 9 1
Belgian Pro League A 144
Belgian Cup 123
Belgian Pro League B 96
Belgian 1st Amateur Division 86
Belgian Super Cup 75
Bosnia & Herzegovina  
Bosnian Premier League 97
Bosnian Cup 79
Bosnian 1st League 55
Druga Nogometna Liga 30
Kup FederKup Federacije Bosne i Hercegovine 20
Kup Republike Srpske 20
Bosnia & Herzegovina Level 4 15
Bosnia & Herzegovina Level 5 8
Bosnia & Herzegovina Level 6 4
Bosnia & Herzegovina Level 7 1
Bulgarian 1st League 119
Bulgarian Cup 108
Bulgarian Super Cup 89
Bulgarian 2nd League 80
Bulgarian 3rd League 49
Cup of Bulgarian Amateur Football League 43
Bulgarian A Regional Groups 18
Bulgarian B Regional Groups 8
Continental Club Competions  
European Champions Cup 200
Club World Championship 170
European Super Cup 155
Euro Cup 150
Euro  Cup II 130
Croatian 1st League 130
Croatian Cup 118
Croatian 2nd League 98
Croatian Super Cup 72
Cypriot 1st Division 132
Cypriot Cup 88
Cypriot 2nd Division 45
Cypriot Super Cup 38
Cypriot 3rd Division 31
STOK Elite Division 17
Cypriot Lower Division Cup 10
Cypriot Regional Championships A 5
Stok Winners Cup 3
Aoknel Cup 3
Apoesp Cup 3
Epel Cup 3
Epol Cup 3
Epopl Cup 3
Opn Sek Cup 3
Pao Cup 3
Paok Cup 3
Poal Cup 3
Poasp Cup 3
Poel Cup 3
Cypriot Regional Championships B 2
Czech Republic  
Czech 1st Division 133
Czech FA Cup 99
Czech 2nd Division 96
3F Superliga 135
Sydbank Pokalen 117
1. Division 92
2. Division 76
3. Division 59
English Premier Division 177
English FA Cup 151
Sky Bet Championship 130
Carabao Cup 111
Sky Bet League 1 104
English Community Shield 96
Sky Bet League 2 83
Papa John's Trophy 73
Vanarama National League 70
English FA Trophy 51
Vanarama National League North/South 45
Estonian Cup 56
Estonian Meistriliiga 54
Estonian Esiliiga 35
Estonian Super Cup 29
Estonian Esiliiga B 22
Estonian II Liiga 15
Estonian Small Cup 14
Estonian III Liiga 7
Estonian IV Liiga 2
Faroe Islands  
Farose Premier League 45
Farose Cup 10
Farose 1st Division 10
Farose 2nd Division 5
Farose Super Cup 4
Farose 3rd Division 2
Finnish Premier League 91
Finnish 1st Division 73
Finnish Cup 65
Finnish 2nd Division Cup 50
Ligue 1 Uber Eats 160
French Cup 133
Ligue 2 BKT 118
Coupe De La Ligue BKT 113
Trophee Des Champions 88
French National 86
French National 2 67
Georgian National League 57
Davit Kipiani's Cup 50
Georgian National League 2 40
Georgian Super Cup 39
Liga 3 23
Liga 4 15
Georgian Regional League 7
Bundesliga 169
DFB Pokal 140
Bundesliga 2 124
3.Liga 93
German Super Cup 85
Gibraltarian National League 56
Gibtelecom Rock Cup 31
Pepe Reyes Cup 7
Greek Super League 1 132
Greek Cup 121
Greek Super League 2 93
Eredivisie 142
Dutch Cup 121
Keuken Kampioen Divisie 98
Dutch Super Cup 65
Hungarian Division 1 106
Hungarian Cup 103
Hungarian Division 2 76
Hungarian Division 3 53
Megyei Bajnokság I. osztály 20
Megyei Bajnokság II. osztály 10
Zala Megyei Kupa 10
Hajdú-Bihar Megyei Kupa 10
Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok Megyei Kupa 10
Pest Megyei Kupa 10
Veszprém Megyei Kupa 10
Győr-Moson-Sopron Megyei Kupa 10
Heves Megyei Kupa 10
Komárom-Esztergom Megyei Kupa 10
Baranya Megyei Kupa 10
Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg Megyei Kupa 10
Nógrád Megyei Kupa 10
Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén Megyei Kupa 10
Somogy Megyei Kupa 10
Csongrád Megyei Kupa 10
Bács-Kiskun Megyei Kupa 10
Vas Megyei Kupa 10
Fejér Megyei Kupa 10
Békés Megyei Kupa 10
Tolna Megyei Kupa 10
Budapest Megyei Kupa 10
Megyei Bajnokság III. osztály 2
Megyei Bajnokság IV. osztály 1
Icelandic Premier Division 95
Icelandic Cup 80
Icelandic Champions Cup 75
Icelandic 1st Division 70
Icelandic League Cup A 50
Icelandic 2nd Division 50
Icelandic League Cup B 40
Icelandic 3rd Division 30
Icelandic League Cup C 30
4. deild 10
Irish Premier Division 64
Irish 1st Division 27
Irish Senior Challenge Cup 25
Irish President's Cup 15
Irish League Cup 12
Irish Munster Senior Cup 6
Irish Leinster Senior Cup 6
Israeli Premier League 123
Israeli State Cup 114
Israeli National League 87
Israeli Premier League Toto Cup 68
Israeli Super Cup-Champ Of Champions 59
Israeli National League Toto Cup 54
Israeli A League South Division 39
Israeli A League North Division 36
Israeli B League 14
Israeli C League South Cup 15
Israeli B League North A Cup 13
Israeli B League South B Cup 13
Israeli B League South A Cup 13
Israeli B League North B Cup 13
Israeli C League  5
Israeli C League Samaria Cup 4
Israeli C League Sharon Cup 4
Israeli C League Central Cup 4
Israeli C League Tel-Aviv Cup 4
Israeli C League Emek Yizre'el Cup 4
Israeli C League Upper Gallee Cup 4
Israeli C League Lower Gallee Cup 4
Serie A 167
Italian Cup 136
Italian Serie B 117
Italian Super Cup 88
Italian Serie C 79
Italian Serie C Super Cup 34
Italian Serie C Cup 39
Kazakhstan Premier League 122
Kazakhstan Cup 111
Kazakhstan Super Cup 90
Kazakhstan 1st League 67
Kazakhstan 2nd League 20
Kazakhstan Regional Championships 5
Kosovan Superleague 55
Kosovan Cup 48
Kosovan Super Cup  35
Kosovan 1st League 25
Liga e Dytë 12
Liga e Tretë 5
Latvian Higher League 72
Latvian Cup 51
Latvian 1st League 37
Latvian Second League 10
Latvian Third League 2
Lithuanian A League 74
Lithuanian Cup 66
Lithuanian 1 League 48
Lithuanian Super Cup 46
LFF II Lyga 25
LFF III Lyga 13
Sunday Football League taurė 10
Sunday Football League Ergo A Division 7
Sunday Football League Ergo B Division 4
Sunday Football League Ergo C Division 3
Sunday Football League Ergo D Division 2
Luxembourg National Division 75
Luxemborg Cup 35
Luxembourg Promotion Division 16
Coupe FLF 10
Luxembourg First Division 7
2. Divisioun 3
3. Divisioun 1
Bank of Valletta Premier League 62
Boost Diesel FA Trophy 41
Bank of Valletta Challenge League 29
Bank of Valletta Super Cup 21
Bank of Valletta National Amateur League 16
GFA First Division 15
BOV GFA Cup 12
National Amateur Cup 11
BOV GFA Super Cup 10
GFA First Division Knock-Out 9
GFA Second Division 8
GFA Second Division Knock-Out 6
Moldovan Divzia Nationala 95
Moldovan Super Cup 70
Moldovan Cup 69
Moldovan Divizia A 54
Moldovan Divizia B 5
Montenegrin 1st Division 84
Montenegrin Cup 66
Montenegrin 2nd League 63
Montenegrin Third League 25
North Montenegro Cup 25
South Montenegro Cup 25
Central Montenegro Cup 25
Northern Ireland  
Danske Bank Premiership 56
Northern Irish Cup 33
Bet McLean League Cup 31
Northern Irish County Antrim Shield 21
Northern Irish Mid Ulster Cup 21
Northern Irish North West Cup 16
Bluefin Sport Championship 15
Bluefin Sport Premier Intermediate League 10
Northern Irish Steel & Sons Cup 10
Northern Irish Bob Radcliffe Cup 10
Northern Irish Intermediate Cup 10
Northern Irish Craig Memorial Cup 5
North Macedonia  
North Macedonian 1st League 97
North Macedonian Cup 93
North Macedonian 2nd League 60
North Macedonian Third League 34
North Macedonian Fourth League 10
North Macedonian Fifth League 2
Norwegian Premier Division 126
Norwegian Cup 122
Norwegian Super Cup 108
Norwegian 1st Division 102
Norwegian 2nd Division 81
Norwegian 3rd Division 56
PKO Bank Polski Ekstrakiasa 118
Polish FA Cup 114
Polish 1st Division 87
Polish Super Cup 79
Portuguese Premier League 153
Portuguese Cup 140
Portuguese League Cup 106
Portuguese Super Cup 106
Portuguese 2nd League 102
Portuguese Third Division 92
Portugal Championship 86
Romanian 1st League 118
Romanian Cup 105
Romanian Super Cup 90
Romanian 2nd League 81
Romanian 3rd League 57
Russian Premier Division 150
Russian Cup 119
Russian Super Cup 105
Russian 1st Division 99
San Marino  
San Marino League 26
San Marino Cup 24
San Marino Super Cup 18
Scottish Premiership 134
Scottish Cup 133
Betfred Cup 107
Scottish Championship 90
Scottish League 1 68
SPFL Trust Trophy 67
Scottish League 2 53
Serbian SuperLeague 131
Serbian Cup 118
Serbian 1st League 108
Slovak 1st Division 117
Slovak FA Cup 98
Slovak Second Division 77
Slovenian 1st League 112
Slovenian Cup 101
Slovenian 2nd League 83
Slovenian 3rd League 42
1. Medobčinska Nogometna Zveza 8
2. Medobčinska Nogometna Zveza 4
3. Medobčinska Nogometna Zveza 1
Spanish 1st Division 182
Spanish Cup 142
Spanish 2nd Division 120
Spanish Super Cup 99
Spanish Second Division Pro 90
Spanish 2nd Division B 76
Spanish Third Division 40
Spanish Federation Cup 9
Swedish Premier Division 127
Swedish 1st Division Elite 102
Swedish Cup 109
Swedish 1st Division 70
Swedish 2nd Division 51
Swiss Super League 132
Swiss Cup 130
Swiss Challenge League 94
Liechtensteiner Cup 35
Turkish Super League 140
Turkish Cup 122
Turkish 1 League 99
Turkish Super Cup 89
Turkish 2 League 70
Ukrainian Premier League 139
Ukrainian Cup 110
Ukrainian Super Cup 103
Ukrainian 1st League 95
JD Cymru Premier  60
JD Welsh Cup 51
Nathaniel MG Cup 40
JD Cymru North/South 37



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3 minutes ago, jimmy mac said:

so are far as i can tell anyone who finishes in the top 12 can win the league 621076711_SanMarinoLeague_Stages.thumb.png.27054bc803dd6dd06308cb5cedd7517f.png

I was just going to say have you seen the league rules lol

Finish top 4 and you get in to the quater finals after the league as finished

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7 minutes ago, lionel messi said:

I was just going to say have you seen the league rules lol

Finish top 4 and you get in to the quater finals after the league as finished

nearly half my squad are italian and classed as foreign and can only pick 7 per game which makes it hard 

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1st Trophy on the board and 26 points for winning the San Marino League.

What a game, 1-1 after extra time and it went to penalties.

I was trailing 3-1 in the shootout at one stage and thought the dream of lifting the trophy had gone but we somehow managed to fight back with the opposition missing there last 2 penalties.

I have to say this must be one of the hardest and strangest leagues to win, you can finish as low as 12th but still claim the title, top 4 qualify for the quarter finals, finish outside the top 4 and you have to play a extra knockout round.


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