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FM21 - Every Nation Challenge

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The Challenge is quite a simple one in theory. It's probably something that has been done before but it's not something I've seen done before, but if it has then kudos to the guy that thought of it first. I first heard about it from my friend who did a blog save from FM19 which focused on a European version (just the 55 countries).

This is something that I managed to complete in FM19, using a custom database which had extremely relaxed rules around foreign players in a matchday squad and it took me 27 seasons from start to finish.

Have a player:

  1. Make an Appearance
  2. Score a goal
  3. Get Man of the Match

From every single nation within the game - I've worked out that there are 227 Nations - 211 of them are part of FIFAs World Rankings and there are a further 16 which are present in the game but are outside of the rankings.

Basic Rules/Lessons Learnt

  • You need to find a country with relaxed rules around the amount of foreigners that can play in your first 11 - i've chosen Holland for FM21, but i believe Belgium and Portugal could also be strong contenders. Of course, you could chose ANY nation in the world to attempt this challenge but it makes it a huge amount tougher if there are restrictions
  • Target the really crap nations as quickly as you can - the Northern Mariana Islands will generally only generate 2 or 3 players every few seasons so you wont have any quality so if you can tick them off early before you rise through a nation- it helps!
  • One Club save - i'm starting with Beek Vooruit in the Dutch Tweede Klasse Zondag E (Step 7)
  • Any Database accepted and as many leagues across as many continents as you want - you know what your laptops can handle! I would recommend USA as one as you get some good coverage over North America
  • When starting a save, select for each continent - Add all players in International Team - this will help bump up some of the more exotic nations in the world
  • Dual Nationals are fine as long as they complete the 3 before switching nations - i.e. if a Malaysian plays and scores but only gets a MoM after he choses to represent Holland then he does not count. If he completes the set before switching then that is fine
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