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Swansea university challenge

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I am going to attemp another go at a save with the amateur team Swansea University in the Cymru South division in Wales. They are coded to stay amateur so ill have to put up with alot of poaching from other teams since i cant offer a proper contract to players. Tried it on FM20 but got fed up loosing players but willing to try again. Anyone else tried them or another amateur team and had some kind of success?

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I’m about halfway through my first season with Cardiff Met Uni, the other prominent amateur club in Wales. In the top division of course. We’re in third, and the top 3 have separated ourselves from the rest of the pack. In our latest match we drew with league leading TNS. 

We haven’t had many players poached. Just 3. Excessive player churn was a big problem in FM20 but it’s fixed in FM21 I guess. 

There seems to be enough amateur talent available to keep us competitive in the weak Wales league. If we qualify for Europe we’ll get crushed but that experience will be fun anyway. 

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The hard part is winning the champions league with any Welsh team.  I have gotten to the group stages a few years in a row with Goytre United F.C. And the $20m money evey year sure helps, Perhaps I gave up too fast. I hope you manage to get to group stages with  Swansea university and perhaps also manage to advance past group stages!

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