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Sven-Göran Eriksson Challenge (FM21)

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The Sven-Göran Eriksson Challenge

With several clubs in Europe are gunning for a Super League, several more pumping oil money in to the club and selling their clubs to the highest bidder, how about a real "against modern football" challenge?

There are several manager challenges on this board, and most of them have the same type of idea behind them where they start of slowly and then build up the difficulty, so I thought we would mix it up a little bit.
Now this challenge will be though and it might be impossible to copy the exact success of "Svennis" in FM21 just as he did it. 

Sven-Göran Eriksson started of his career at the 3rd Division club Degerfors IF where he stayed at for two years, eventually winning the league and promoting them to the second divison. He left Degerfors IF in 1979 to join IFK Göteborg,  during the 1982 season he won the treble with IFK Göteborg,  Swedish champions, Swedish Cup Winner and  UEFA Cup winners. The team consisted of people where most of them had a job on the side, some where fire figthers, some where constructions workers. 

He moved on to win several titles in Portugal and Italy and eventually ended up taking England to the Quarter Finals in the World Cup in 2002 and 2006.

"Well a bunch of managers have done that" - Yes, but this is a challenge, not some kindergarden save. You will have to win the UEFA Cup without  any foreign players, just like Svennis did. (Source)

Instead of allowing only Sweden. Norway, Finland and Iceland are also allowed, why not Denmark? Well that would be the easy mode of this challenge and everyone just gunning for FC Copenhagen that actually reached the Quarter Finals recently. 

The Sven-Göran Eriksson Challenge

1. Take over a club in one of the starter divisions and gain promotion.
2. Get a job in the top flight of that country.
3. Win the League, the cup and the UEFA Cup (Europa League)
4. Gather 4 titles and 4 cup wins in Italy, Portugal or any other top league.
5. Take any national team of your liking to the quarter finals of the world cup. 

No foreign players are allowed to be signed at all. You have to keep the team 100% domestic during your tenure in Scandinavia

Hard Mode : Winning the "Svennis Treble" Swedish Champions, Swedish Cup & UEFA Cup the same year.

Starting divisions:

Swedish First Division N/S
Norwegian Second Division
Finnish First Division
Icelandic First Division



Start as semi-professional footballer with a National A badge.
Load top players from top division clubs to make it realistic. 
The top division titles have to be earned with the same club, if you are sacked all the titles are reset back to 0. 
No custom databases,
No downloaded tactics,
No in game editor allowed.
Must check: No added staff, Disable in-game editor
Maximum one club change while in the top flight. If you are sacked you are free to join a new one.

Update your progress in this thread at the end of every season with a screenshot of:

Your progress
Transfers In/Out 

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Sollentuna FK | Sweden | Initial Post

Club InfoManager | Squad

To kick off this challenge I will start out in the same country as Svennis, however we will stay on the east coast and take control of Sollentuna FK.

Sollentuna United FF was founded in 2006 with the impending merger of Turebergs IF and Edsbergs IF which became operative in the 2008 season. Turebergs IF were promoted from Division 3 Norra Svealand in 2007 after winning their promotion playoff. The previous season in 2006 they won Division 4 Stockholm Norra. The new club took the place of Turebergs IF in Division 2 Norra Svealand for the 2008 season. In 2013 Sollentuna United FF merged with Sollentuna Fotboll IF to create Sollentuna FK.

Since their foundation Sollentuna FK has participated in the middle tier of the Swedish football league system. The club currently plays in Division 1 Norra which is the third tier of Swedish football. They play their home matches at the Sollentunavallen in Sollentuna.

Will have to sleep on the tactics for this one, but leaning towards a classic 442 or a 433.

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