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British Cup


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Does anybody know how to create a British Cup in the Football Manager Editor 2021 database or does anyone know of anyone that might be able to do that? I've contacted a few computer programmers but they don't have a clue how to create a British Cup.

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Here you go. It's an FM20 file, but should still work in FM21, maybe?

There are also a bunch of changes that you may not want. eg. lots of teams have had name changes (Arsenal to London Arsenal etc.), the EFL Cup has been removed and the Welsh teams in England (Cardiff, Swansea etc.) have been moved to the Welsh Premier League (I made it a few years ago, just for my own saves, so I just did all the changes that I wanted). But you might be able to just copy/paste the British Cup part and then ignore the rest?

Anyways, the British Cup has 44 teams from England (all PL & Championship teams) and 12 each from Scotland/Wales (all of their Premier League teams). It has 7 rounds in total and they're all single knockout, except for the 2 legged semi-finals. It effectively replaces the EFL Cup so the final is around January/February time just like that competition usually would be.


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