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[FM21] US 8 Tier, Canada 2 Tier, and CONCACAF Expansion

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Eight years ago a designer on the Sportslogos.net forum created a three tier, 72 team North American Soccer Pyramid. He released a mod for FM 14, which I played on and off for the last few years. When I picked up FM 21 I decided to recreate the mod (with the blessing of the original creator) and expand it a bit into an eight tier US system, a two tier Canadian one, and an expanded CONCACAF Champions League. You can find the google drive file (including a few more CONCACAF nations with imaginary rules and the logos and jerseys from the original thread) here: USA, Canada, CONCACAF Mod

A few more notes:

- In the US system the season runs February-November, with a midseason break for the national cup and 12 regional cups that all teams (Tiers 1-8) participate in. It contains all of the US teams from the above SportsLogos thread, as well as all MLS and most USL and NPSL teams. There is also an amateur cup that amateur teams take part in, a professional cup for the professional teams, and the newly announced League Cup for Canada, Mexico, and the US's top tier in July. The lower level amateur tiers are also smaller in size (8-16 teams) while the pro levels are 20-24.  The TV contracts for the professional leagues are based off of current contracts for Professional and Collegiate sports (and there is a ton of money in US sports rights.) 

- In the Canadian system the season runs May-September with a playoff at the end of the season. There are two tiers (Premier and Soccer League), a national cup, and five regional pre-season cups in April. 

- The CONCACAF club portion of the mod expands North American club competitions pretty substantially, creating a 30 team champions league and two other cups that mostly take place between November and January. 

- The Gold Cup mod moves the Gold Cup to June so it doesn't interfere as much with the schedules of the US and Canadian top tier leagues. 

- There are also various and sundry Central American and Caribbean Leagues that I created. They don't necessarily mimic real life league rules, but were created so I could track the leagues that produced teams in the CONCACAF champions league. 

I have been playing it in multiple iterations for most of FM 21. I'm planning to rebuild this in FM 22, but thought I would share this version in case anyone wanted to play with it and to see if anyone has any feedback. Thanks all!

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