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Defending Lob through balls from defenders

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Well, yeah, direct counters dropping balls behind your lines can be quite dangerous. A pair of very good central defenders CD(De) or NCB(De) do fine for this if they're tall, have good jumping and heading, have decent acceleration/pace, and decent positioning, decisions, and concentration. They should see those incoming, and move to intercept them before the opposition can get there. In the cases that is not enough, you might want to put one of your defenders, or a third defender is how it's often deployed, on cover duty, and they will be responsible for sweeping through balls as they come in. Another role that fulfills this is the half back, which is a more forward sweeper. If this is happening near your goal itself, you really need a decent sweeper keeper to control the penalty area. Offside trap can help in a lot of circumstances, but if the opposition have strikers with better offensive movement capabilities than your defense can handle, you're kind of out of luck in that regard. You also have to watch out for target men that can overwhelm your defenders in aerial ability, though if they can do that on the regular, you're in for a world of hurt, as you really can't do much in that circumstance other than hard press and tight mark, hoping for the best and nobody does something to him in the penalty box.

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8 hours ago, Toshevbgg said:

This is half the goals I concede especially against **** teams.. How do I adjust to do this its mighty annoying . 

Without more information it sounds like ur defensive line is too hight

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