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Lack solidity

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Hi! I created this tactic with the following premises:
1. Control the ball game;
2. CB to undertake construction;
3. WB responsible for width and depth;
4. Coverage DM;
5. CM game builder;
6; MEZZ giving mobility and appearing from behind;
7. DLF downloading on the ground to power up the game and free up space for Mezz;
8. AF stretching the team;503796492_TTICA.thumb.png.69de6e0f645479fb26c12ae0b783559a.png

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I think the channel between the WCB and CWB could be a weakness for you. You can see that in those channels I highlighted 2 opposition players that are in decent position to counter attack if they win the ball back from you. Obviously this is going to depend on the tactic you are playing against. what kind of goals are you conceding? 


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