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Playing Away From Home - Advice

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This first part is possibly anecdotal, but I thought I'd found a pretty decent set of tactics during the beta (with a little help from this forum :D), and was seeing success at home and (mostly) away too (trips to Bayern, Dortmund etc. aside - big opponents, y'know). However, more recently, I've found winning away from home much, much harder - I'm not sure if things were re-balanced as part of an update or what, but the difference in performance at home compared to away is striking (this is the case in both of my current saves, as I tend to bounce between two depending on my mood :lol:)

Given it's the FM way to 'blame your tactics', I've kinda figured there is something I am just 'not getting' when it comes to playing away from home - so, are there any rules of thumb people follow when playing away from home?

'Be more cautious' (i.e. play Balanced instead of Attacking) always used to be one, but are there other good methods to follow? 

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Unless I'm outclassed by the opposition, I never change tactics away from home and typically win more than I lose.

The only difference between home and away is how the AI uses mentality. The AI will use lower mentalities like Balanced and Cautious more often when they're away from home, which often blunts their attacking threat and makes them more prone to cough up possession when pressed. At home, they'll use Positive mentality more often and generally carry more threat when they're in possession (they commit more numbers forward and take more risks with the ball). 

Teams who struggle away from home do so for the same reasons they would in any other game. Failing to control the midfield, being vulnerable during transition breakdowns, and being unable to complete attacking transitions. It's a result of flaws in a tactic that aren't exploited by the opposition using lower mentalities. 

Alternatively, it's a player selection problem. Defenders who can't jump or accelerate, midfielders who can't tackle or position themselves well out of possession, etc. are more likely to cost you points against more aggressive teams who attack you.

It sounds reductive, but the best method of playing away from home is the same for any other game: pick the right team in a good tactic. Sometimes, the tactic is fine but the player selection isn't. But without knowing your team and tactics it's hard to say for sure.

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Thanks, Jaye - I guess because I've seen the problem across two different saves (so my tactics are slightly different, and players obviously different) I left the question quite open. 

Sounds like it, ultimately, comes back to my setup - though I am not entirely sure where it's breaking down right now :lol: I think there are some tweaks needed, my teams seem to be vulnerable through the middle a little too often for my liking right now... Through balls killing me (three LATE goals conceded in half a dozen games in one save :(). I'll get there...I hope.

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Hard to respond without seeing your tactic or knowing your players.  I do think FM22 punishes fatigue much more, therefore it's beneficial to have players with more stamina, train endurance more and have resting periods earlier in matches.  It can also be a good strategy to bring in a quick striker when trailing late in matches.

Players with higher Determination and, I think, who are more professional do better in away matches.  Watch body language and see who responds to motivation better, away.  The first goal means so much in futbol, especially away.  When playing away against superior or even equal teams, I will sometimes play a safer, but not passive, but more possession directed tactic for the first 20 minutes, hoping to stay level while wearing them out.  So maybe, for example, 1-notch lower mentality, put your WB(a) on FB(s), your CM(a) on CM(s), attack narrower, shorter passing, take off 'counter' or put on 'hold shape', etc. Counter-attacking works better when your opponent gets fatigued.

I was conceding some through balls late in matches with some CDs who had mediocre acceleration and concentration.  For late match leads, I trained an alternate tactic which lowered both the DL and LOE one notch, defends narrower and lowers mentality one notch (also some more possession-keeping factors), and that worked wonders.  I would sometimes man-mark good crossing wide-players.  'Regroup' can help if you don't already use that in your main tactic.  But I don't know your team.

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Thanks, glengarry.

Ok, so I've tweaked my Leipzig tactic slightly since I started this thread, and made my DM a DWM (de) (previously DLP (de)) and my LCM a BBM (previously (BWM(su)); so this is the 'main' tactic at the moment (ignore the bit where people are away, just taken the screen cap, and people are on international duty etc. My first choice RW is also injured, hence Kampl filling in there right now):


I've also set up a second version of this, which is more chilled - Balanced mentality, my LB is a WB (su), RCM an AP (su), lower tempo, lower LoE and DL, and a regroup instruction instead of counter press; I also switched off counter for the moment to see how it works.

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