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Start of a Save: How Do You Analyse Your Team?

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Just wondering how people approach squad analysis either at the start of the save or when they start a new job.

Do you export the data to excel, write it on paper, or do you have a specific squad view that has everything you need? And are there specific attributes that you look for?

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Personally I look at the squad, analyse it myself and see what I need in specific areas.

Advanced statistics are just jargon and serve little purpose for me such as XG (whomever created that needs a lobotomy) 

With regards to attributes, I look for things like; Determination, Teamwork, Work rate, Stamina, Natural fitness. (Other attributes are position specific)

Players have to be Non-Injury prone, Consistent, likes Important matches and are Professional

My squad view is a preset that I made in FM20 and highlights all of those specific skills with basic statistics and most important unhides ALL of the "Hidden attributes" because they have no real need to be hidden.


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I have a core group of attributes that my players need to have. Going into a squad with that in mind enables me to better assess them overall and find the weakest links among the squad to either sell or leave on the bench. 

I also am stubborn and don’t find much enjoyment playing other formations, so in virtually every save I play a 433. If I don’t see players that fit that shape, then I know what I gotta do. 

Always check who is on long term deals. The last thing I want to deal with is some lazy player on a long contract with horrible workrate or some total flop star player that I can’t make sense of within my system.

Basically, I look for my team to have a “spine” of players that can be utilized for a few years. One standout in each horizontal strata (attack, midfield, defense) is preferred, but it’s all situational. 

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I just base it on star ratings tbh, which ik isn't a good way but it its always slightly relevant. From there I pick the best players and put them into a tactic and see who can fit in around them based on what I like in players (the bare minimum is them being physically competent if we're in the top flight)

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I always look at the squad comparison tab to establish what sort of tactic I can implement.

Swiftly followed by going through every player and writing down their age, height, preffered foot, traits and coach report key strengths and weaknesses to identify my big game players and those with consistency. 

Some may see this as a bit of a ball ache but I find that It really helps establish my starting XI and second string. 

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I am always start from Squad > Analyst Report > Comparison


This is the most important tool of any club, any league, any team.

For example, my defenders (IWB, CD, DM) is below av. for Work Rate = means I have to improve that area for my defense dept.

But, I am always start for attributes:

- Acceleration
- Pace
- Agility
- Natural Fitness
- Decisions
- Teamwork
- Work Rate
- Determination 

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I do take a look at attributes and reports. I do consider the clubs vision, the rules I do give myself.

In most instances I will try to promote players in the hyrarchie that do meet certain criteria, like consistency/big matches, personality/media handling.

I do group attributes (that can be done in a spreadsheet), score players and will compare at the end of season if performance expectation is met.

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