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Help needed! - Surviving the Prem with Nottingham Forest

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Hey guys, I was wondering for some constructive criticism on my current tactic


Aims to attack as a 3-2-5, we average very good passing and possession stats (usually approx 60%!)753546601_Screenshot2022-04-11at12_43_55.png.fcd5be18d44a2d8e786e5758ccad4006.png


But find scoring extremely difficult, and as a result have just not been able to escape relegation zone. I really don't want to go down to the championship, as I gave some of the new signings high wages and low relegation release clauses. Any ideas how I can tweak this to make it more viable for an underdog?


Screenshot 2022-04-11 at 12.15.39.png

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I think your defence and midfield set up looks fine :thup:

13 minutes ago, hkofficial said:

But find scoring extremely difficult,

But yeah, we get to your front three, I think one or two attack roles are needed, even just switching the left wide player to an IF(S) would be an improvement

Just to something like this:


IF(S)                            IW(S)


I'm all up for attacking, front-foot football but your Team Instructions are way too aggressive for a team in the bottom three

Just trim off Counter Press, the high lines and tone down the pressing just a little. Top teams with top players can get away with these but it may be too much for a relegation favorite 




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