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Liverpool midfield roles

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How would you set up a Liverpool midfield, at the moment im playing;

Thiago(rpm) - henderson(bbm)



But lets say i put in Jones for thiago, or keita/elliot for henderson, do you think i should go with the same roles or should i customize for each player?

Im thinking about carrilero, mezzala for exemplet?

What roles would you use?

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I would personally play Fabinho as a DM (D) rather than a HB. Maybe even a BWM (D) if I was chasing the game and wanted him to press more. I think he generally will stay ahead of our CBs, as illustrated by the pass maps below (Henderson is the 6 in the 2nd one). I'd be concerned that he'd drop too deep as a Half Back.







Thiago as a Roaming Playmaker I would agree with. Either this or Deep Lying Playmaker so he sits in next to Fabinho. He has Comes Deep to Get Ball as a PPM though so he'll probably do this often enough anyway, even as a Roaming Playmaker.

Henderson is the most difficult to nail down IMO. He has Comes Deep to Get Ball himself which doesn't help as he hasn't been doing that this season. I think he goes higher than a Carrilero would allow for, so I'd lean towards B2B or Mezzala. If you play Trent as an inverted wing back I'd be more inclined to use Henderson as a Mezzala to ensure you stretch the play wide on the right. If you use Trent as a WB/CWB he should keep the width himself, in which case Henderson as a B2B might be a better bet.

This thread might be of interest to you.

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