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Can Anyone Rec a Smaller European Country?


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Maybe not too small-small, but not Top 5.

I seem to get the most enjoyment and legs from games where I start in the 2nd tier, then try to become the dominant team in the nation, then try to do the same with Europe. Last 2 saves have been in Czech Rep then Norway. 

This year I was looking at either Switzerland or Poland, but I don't want to run into any weird competition rules that could potentially affect my enjoyment (I already know about Vaduz in Switzerland).

Can anyone recommend a fun league in this type of country?

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I played as Odds BK on FM22. The Norwegian league was great fun, glad to see you enjoyed it as well!

When the full game releases I'm having a crack at the Danish league as AaB. Registration rules seem pretty lax, lots of good young players and clubs with pretty decent financial health. Should be a great base for tackling Europe!

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