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Having seen a few suggestions that such a thread should exist, i thought i might as well start one. Got nothing better to do after all icon_biggrin.gif

So, basically, if anybody thinks there is a question that gets asked fairly often, type the question in bold and the answer in normal text, prefereably with a - betwee, (i was going to use the word hyphen but i have a feeling that it isn't one of them...)

Add appropriate links and try to make them short and helpful, as this is intended to help newcomers due to the fact that the search function is of very limited use.

The theory is that within a few days we should have a working list of "top" topics that a mod may feel the need to sticky for the benefit of all, or this thread will die a swift death and we can forget i ever bothered lol.

So, to start things:

Why can't i manage the german/japanese national teams? - Use google, the details cannot be discussed here for legal reasons.

Can I have a son? - Yes, doesn't happen very often.

The AI cheats! - no it doesn't.

How can i stop the 4-2-4? - ask here.

Who should i sign for... - ask here.

Where is the data editor on Vista? - Click "games", right click on "FM08" and select "Run data editor" - failing that it should be in your FM08 folder, usually C:\Program Files\Sports Interactice\FM08

I think "player" should be better/worse!" - post here, within the relevant thread for the specific player/club that you feel is not accurately portrayed in FM.

Can I be an U21 manager? - yes, but you have to be offered the job.

Why aren't there 7 subs allowed in the EPL in my new game? - Firstly, make sure you're patched to 8.0.2, secondly, the rule doesn't come into effect until a season has been completed following patching - at earliest the 08/09 season.

What are CA and PA? - They refer to Current ability and Potential ability, i.e. how good a player is and how good he might end up.

How do i delete the hall of fame? My name is there too many times... - My Documents > Shared > Sports Interactive > Football Manager 2008 > hall_of_fame.dat - delete this file

Who should i manage? - you were (probably) blessed with a brain with which to think, make use of it. Failing that use Frank.

Do height and weight matter? - no they're purely cosmetic (although height does slightly affect how jumping can develop).

That should start us off, i've resisted the urge to include comedy responses, but i'll leave it to your discretion as to what's appropriate.

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Can I be an U21 manager? - yes, but you have to be offered the job.

No you don't have to wait to be offered the job. It is possible to jump straight in and become the manager of a nations u21 squad. Simply select the flag of that nation and the main squad will pop up then using the filters to select the under 21 squad and then select take control.

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Originally posted by trekman:

<BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content"> Can I be an U21 manager? - yes, but you have to be offered the job.

No you don't have to wait to be offered the job. It is possible to jump straight in and become the manager of a nations u21 squad. Simply select the flag of that nation and the main squad will pop up then using the filters to select the under 21 squad and then select take control. </div></BLOCKQUOTE>

I meant as opposed to applying for it. I should have made the q more clear though.

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Finally, just what this forum needs!

Do I need 8.0.1 or can I go straight to 8.0.2? - You can go straight to 8.0.2

Where can I download the 8.0.2 patch? - All mirrors are available in this post of iceshake's.

Where can I download FMM for 8.0.2? - Here is the download site

Who are the greatest youngsters in the game? - same as "Who should I sign for...", ask here.

How do I get into the First Team/What is karma? - You get one karma point per post, but if you post drivel or "spam", the mods will be all to happy to take points off you.

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How do I set up an online game? - You need to check out the FMO Basics thread, and failing that the FMO Help Thread, failing that start a discussion in the FM Online forum here.

What is WDLX? - D is a 0-0 draw, X is a score draw, where goals were scored. W and L win and loss.

How do I get onto my club favourites? - Seems to be some element of randomness involved. Just keep winning stuff and they won't hate you icon_biggrin.gif - bear in mind leaving a club makes you an automatic "enemy".

Why aren't I world-class? - Although reputation is complicated, as documented in Morridin's Mechanics of Manager Reputation thread, basically just keep winning things and you'll get there. Perhaps get an international job and try and win international tournaments.

For whatever reason, I can't play the game! - Have you tried the Having Problems Thread? Also, run a search in the Support for PC Users or the Support for Mac Users forums. Also, run a search in the bugs forum as people tend to erronously post App Errors in there.

My strikers are getting ### shots on goal and we lose to an own goal, etc.! - Another one for the Tactics and Training forum. Some advice may be to slow down your tempo, or to check out your players stats for composure and other mental stats.

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Can I die? - No. You can be older than Methusula if you have the time and patience.

Wouldn't being able to become a chairman be a great idea? - No. It would not.

Wouldn't it be absolutely FAB to be able to buy cars and date bimbo celeb wannabes and learn golf and ....? - You are mistaking Football Manager for Sims or Fifa Manager. The game is in-depth enough without non-footie matters imposing.

What about 3D graphics? - General concensus seems to be that they would be welcome, but many people add "only if SI sort out the rest of the game first". There are some fierc debates. Use the search function for more details on past discussions.

What's a "search function"? - Thank you, I wish more people would ask that. It's the box with the word "Find" and a little picture of a magnifying glass in the top left corner of each forum. It's not the best facility, but it's quicker than writing out a whole new post. Plus other users won't think you're lazy and/or stupid.

Will there be another patch after 8.0.2? - Unless you count FM2009 as a "patch", then no. There will be no more patches.

Why can't the board just be happy with me? - In management speak, the board confidence page feeds you a "praise sandwich" when you are doing well. Two slabs of praise with a bit of "could do better" in the middle. It's mostly cosmetic so don't worry.

Why does my board keep accepting paltry offers for my best players? - In real life boards will accept offers over the manager's head if they feel it is too good to turn down, which is why the function was implemented. In FM the lowest acceptable price is too low and SI assure us they are looking at this. In the meantime, ensure your players have a high asking price and are "indispensible" in their transfer status screens.

Why are transfer fees so high? - Another minor programming issue, I'm afraid. Again, it is being addressed.

Can I "tap up" a player? - No. And nor will you be able to in future editions, any more than you will be able to bribe refs. At least not until it becomes legal.

I've got a great idea for FM2009! Listen... - FM2009 is in the bag now, so no new features will be included that haven't already. If it's a great idea SI haven't thought of already (and realistically able to programme) it might make it to FM2010. Please put it in the Wishlist Thread. They say they DO read this thread and note down good ideas for discussion at their planning sessions, so it's more likely to get their attention than a new post.

Hey, Backpackant, why are you writing so many questions in this thread? - Because I think FAQs should be a mod-edited sticky at the top and I'm hoping some of these will enable new and/or ranting types to find the answers they need without littering the forums up further.

Might remember a few more for later.

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Tried to do something like this with "My Big Fat FM08 Thread" - but it didn't quite kick off, so I hope this one does. IIRC though, I spoke to Daf about it, and there was no point in it due to the "imminent" changes icon_biggrin.gif

Good luck with it though, I will contribute when I get back from Go-Karting later icon_cool.gif

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