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  1. awesome skin! Definitely one of the best. Does anyone know how to quick pick selection on the pitch view of the tactic screen?
  2. Good news, was really hoping that Steam would also have this but unfortunately not. It just tells me that the Apple, Microsoft and PS have deals to be on their platform
  3. I agree with this. Hopefully it’s open in FM23
  4. Thank you for your response. Your suggestions are spot on and actually should be implemented. As of right now it feels players are shoehorned to either playing the full fat fm (PC) or go Xbox Edition Microsoft. I think embedding Touch to how it first started could be the answer and as you've stated can eliminate the editor issue we've had for many years. Multiplayer was indeed a blast to playthrough using Touch. It literally takes 4-6hrs on Full fat fm (online save) to get into the first game! Whether these changes will be made I'm not sure. I would have this than cater to a headline feature that might not go down so well.
  5. I think since the most PC players play on steam, wouldn't it be better to also offer a streamlined version on Steam. Not many people would want to use another launcher to play a game they enjoy.
  6. I think Fm touch version would work perfectly for steam deck. It’s interface is built for it
  7. Yes, however significant changes such as multi core support, an out of possession formation, return of FM Touch (Steam) and a revised 3d representation. a hopeful wish but don’t think it’ll ever come is audio match day commentary. Adds to the experience and atmosphere of the game.
  8. Very true, However I would say most FM players are dedicated to the Steam platform. I think they should also make FM Xbox Edition available on Steam or at least embed to the Full FM game like it was in FM13
  9. Still haven’t been able to play a full season of FM22. Normally run simulations, test tactics and play versus mode. Recently went back to FMT21.
  10. 1000% agree. Funny thing is that the player who are currently playing full fm will only grow older. Life commitments amongst other things will make them want a streamlined version.
  11. Bring back Fm Touch (Steam) or at least put the Fm Xbox edition on steam to give players an option for a streamlined experience. Fm22 still slow
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