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  1. Hello ! It's so frustrating to lose every datas from the previous season in the end of june when we need them so badly to prepare the new season and decide who to transfer and who to keep ! Why could not keep them ? Thanks
  2. Hello ! It would be nice if we could still see the pitch/match between highlights and chose a speed for it so the the game would return would return to a "normal" speed to show highlights ! It would be more interesting and give more information than the radar that doesn't show much ! Thanks !...
  3. I see 2 reasons why FM will never look like Fifa/PES. One is that that FM hasn't the possibility to zoom closely due to right issues and, second, because FIFA and PES are not on scale (players vs pitch)... to make the game look better they display the players way too big in proportion with the pitch so, in FM, everything seems smaller !
  4. Hello ! It seems that, nowadays, more and more people play FM without attributes to have a more realistic experience as, as everyone knows, IRL, there are no such things as 1 to 20 notations on every attributes of players. "No attributes skins" seem to be very popular. You can also see more and more Youtuber doing "Moneyball saves". I understand that, with the lack of other information/stats, SI had to do this way in the beginning but I also think it's time for SI to do something for all those FM lovers who want a more realistic/immersive experience, now that a lot of datas are coming to the game. Myself, I've tried some skins but, recently, I found one that completely changed the way the game feels, the STATMAN skin. The big difference and genius of this one is that it simply shows attributes the way they should, the way your assistant/scouts would give the infos to you: with words ! No more "positioning = 13", here, instead, we learn that the player "reads defensive situations well", for example... For my immersion, it changes everything !... I can imagine having a real interaction with my assistants/scouts !... I want them to tell me what are the pros and cons of a player and leave me some datas to check out. I don't work in a football club but I can imagine that's how it goes IRL. All of this, also made me think about how attributes should be revealed to have something more realistic. And the answer to that would be: datas, observation and training sessions. There's no way a scout can guess that a player has "18 in passing and vision" if he's seen him three times and he played poorly and created no chances and missed 30% of his passes !... The scout reports should be based on datas they collected and their "feelings", they should not be able to guess with exactitude players aptitudes... how would they do that ? For the players in your team, you could have more precise infos because you see them every day/week in training. But, here also, you couldn't have an exact number because sometimes players perform like they have six in all attributes and sometimes they feel like gods. How would someone know that they are "15" ? There are attributes, mostly physical (pace, jumping, etc.) that could be measurable during physical tests. You could set those tests during the training week and it would give you numbers representing the physical condition of a player at a point in time because, naturally, it should fluctuate depending on players form (which should fluctuate but that's another debate) !... So, depending on the exercices we set during the week and the datas from previous games, we could have a picture of our players abilities. If you do passing exercices, it would give you more precise information on the level in passing of your players, etc. Training should give indications on actual players capacities and form. Those infos should help the coach when choosing players for the match as I think it's the case IRL. We often hear coaches saying "You only perform on match day the way you trained during the week !" Naturally, attributes should still exist but in the background. They are there to make the engine do the calculation during the match but we should only see the results of those calculations and try to figure it out. It's time for SI to have more consideration for all those FM gamers who want a different approach of their beloved game. If you really want to go toward realism, I think it's time to reconsider how attributes are used in this game and take inspiration from all the great skin maker that allow players who want a more immersive experience to enjoy the game like it could/should be. Thanks for the (long) reading and I'm very interested in you opinions... N.B.: Note that the "Statman skin" is in English only so, please, don't ask to translate it in another language, just thank the creator for his amazing work !... And, people from SI, take a look at it, please... it's very inspiring and elevate your game to a new level !...
  5. They seem to have an impact on the "form of the day" which seems to be calculated "randomly just before the game begins but I don't think that there's more than that... I'd like to be wrong !
  6. Hello ! I want to have the possibility to see the match/pitch between highlights to have a better understanding of what's going on but watching the whole game takes too much time ! We can't see enough on the visualiser so it would be great if we could set a speed for highlights and another one for "in between highlights" and the game would toggle between the two when needed ! Thanks...
  7. Hello ! I always wondered if form is a thing in FM and never had an official answer. What do you think ? If a player performs well in a game, is he more likely to perform better in the next one ? Are their periods when a player is out of or in form ? For me, this lacks in FM !... IRL, a player who does great in a match is more likely to play well in the next... the same when he performs during training, as coaches seem to think. If it's not the case in FM, there's no reason to not always put your best players in the XI, which is less interesting. There doesn't seem to have a corelation between "last 5 games average rating" and or "training performances" with the next performance. IRL, even if there are no "rules", it seems that players have good and bad "runs" of form. I don't know if it's due to physical reasons and/or motivation, morale and self-confidence (which is not enough important in FM to my taste)... I'm curious to know your opinions about it ? Thanks...
  8. Hello ! It would be so cool if we could chose to see the normal game/pitch between highlights and be able to set a speed for when highlights are "triggered" and another one (faster) in between. It would help a lot to understand what's going ! For me the visualiser does not give enough information and watch the whole take too much time... what do you think ?
  9. What is really strange is that, in the main scouting center panel, your analysis scout seems to be able to give you information based on the previous year (the screenshot below is from a period before the player's season has began): So why can't we have all the previous year datas until, at least, 2-3 months into next season ? That would be so useful !!! Thanks
  10. Hello ! Another suggestion that would be great but don't know if it's possible. In the tactic screen you're working on, would it be possible to add the "familiarity" green bars just under the contributions ones so you could get rid of the 3 top left buttons that would be useless ? I've tried to do a small example below on the left wing players: As always, a big thanks to you !
  11. Hello ! Is there a way to keep the datas from a season to the next one ? I'm using a skin without attributes so I need to have lots of datas to be able to do some proper scouting but the problem is that they "disappear" when I need them the most, during the summer break ! That's so annoying... Any solution ? Thanks...
  12. If someone wants to have a French version of those "worded attributes", you can pm me !... Si quelqu'un veut la version française des descriptions d'attributs... contactez-moi par message privé !...
  13. Yes, sure, no problem ! But you can note that I really hope you'll go on with that idea on next FM's and that you could count on me to do some of the boring job that doesn't require to understand anything about skinning, like those little texts graphics !
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