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  1. Season two completed. Promotion again, but no cup trophies this season. Trophies: Combined Counties League Premier Division South (20 points) Southern Combination League Division 1 (15 points) Southern Combination League Cup (10 points) FA Vase (20 points) Total points: 65 points
  2. First season completed. Always forget that you lose half your team (at least) during the season and need to replace them. Part of the fun (and frustration) at this level. Trophies: Southern Combination League Division 1 (15 points) Southern Combination League Cup (10 points) FA Vase (20 points) Total points: 45 points
  3. After playing with Hucknall Town until the 2041/42 season in FM23, I am finally ready for a new challenge and step in to FM24. This time I have chosen to take over Godalming Town. Was looking for a team with yellow kits, and after narrowing it down to a few clubs I was sold because of Bill Kyte and his dedication to this football club. As I did with Hucknall Town I will once again play this challenge with the restriction of not spending a single penny on transfer fees. Loans are ok, but only if I just pay the wage and nothing else. Here we go. @lionel messi Can't see image/leaderboard in the second post, or view/join the discord.
  4. Season 14 completed. The season ended with... The Premier League title! From 11th place in the league last year, to win our first of the really big trophies. Got to the semi final in the Europe League, but lost to Tottenham. Lost to Chelsea in the FA-cup semi final, and lost to Liverpool in the Carabao Cup quarter final. I think it will be hard to retain the title next season as I won the league with only 82 points, and it seems unlikely that all the big teams will have an another "blip year". As I am doing this challenge by not spending any money on transfer fees I need to be lucky on the free transfer market. Some of the players have been with me since League Two and League One, especially happy for them to be part of this title. Total points so far: = 851 points. + points this season: 184 points (Premier League) Total points: 1035 points Total trophies: 14
  5. Season 13 completed. It didn't take long before it became clear that the cups were our best chance this season. In the league we played inconsistently, but in the cups we always had something extra to give. We won our very first trophy in several years (and at top level), the League Cup (114 points). After a perfectly normal 6-6 game, we finally won on penalties against Liverpool. In the end, we also won the Europa Conference League after winning 1-7 in the final (130 points). Dusan Vlahovic, now 35 years old, must be attributed as the most important player. 10 starts, 4 times substituted in, and 36 (!!) goals in the tournament is completely absurd. After the victory, we have qualified for the Europe League next season. Total points so far: = 607 points. + points this season: 244 points Total points: 851 points Total trophies: 13
  6. Season 11 completed. Won the first match in the Premier League at home against Sunderland, who also got promoted last season, but then had 7 losses in the next 8 games. Was a bit worried there, but finally got at team settled and improved the results from there. Ended in 12th place. No new points. Edit: Season 12 completed as well. After a quarter of the season I was slowly beginning to believe I could be in an unlikely title challenge - but came down to earth (and on the table). Ended the season in 8th place, and qualified for the Europa Conference League. Total points so far: = 607 points. Total trophies: 11
  7. Season 10 completed. Second place in the Championship means that we got promoted to the Premier League! Very happy with that. I guess this means we get the 132 points for getting the promotion? The squad is in serious need of more quality in almost every position to survive. My goalkeeper is probably good enough, but are looking for improvements in every other position. They all need to be free transfers as well, so this will be a busy summer. Total points so far: 475 points+132 points (this season) = 607 points. Total trophies: 11
  8. Season 9 completed. First season with no trophy or new points. Happy with third place in the Championship, but lost the playoff final 1-5 against Derby. A red card seems almost guaranteed in such a big game? We were never close. The team heavily depended on a loan striker who single-handedly was the difference between just staying up and the unexpected promotion push. Don't think we can have him for another season, so need to improve the team in other positons to make up for whoever replaces him. No changes in points or trophies. Total points so far: 368 points+107 points (this season) = 475 points. Total trophies: 11
  9. Season 8 completed. Promoted as winners of the Sky Bet League 1 (107 points). I believed we would have to stay in League One for at least one extra season after the summer, but actually ended up as a dominant season with almost 30 points above not getting automatic promotion. Total points so far: 368 points+107 points (this season) = 475 points. Total trophies: 11 Got a bit tired of this save at some point, but after some reflection (and about 10 attempts to start a new save) I found out this was a result of not having clear targets. Have been looking for a really long term save, and have now landed on why Hucknall Town will be it: 1. This has from the start been a save where I don't spend a penny on transfers. This will continue. Free transfers only, but loans are acceptable as long as I only cover wage and don't pay any monthly fees. 2. I will have a go at the Danny Roberts challenge as well in this save. This means having a player score 1000 goals for me. I would like it to only be at club level, not international as I have zero interest in managing national teams. Currently have no player that suits this purpose, so this is a long term target. 3. To be at the top of the Hall of Fame. Guardiola is at the top and still at Man City, so he will probably have at least 10 more years to improve his score. Hope he doesn't keep going as long as he did in a save for me in FM21, where he retired from managing at 74 years old. After that he actually became my chief scout and surprisingly did not retire for the entire save which ended in year 2065. 94 years old! By combining these targets/goals with the restriction of free transfers only, I think this will be hard to complete as I can't just sign the most promising wonderkid. The youth setup is something I have totally ignored so far in this save, and as a result the intakes usually gives me "E"-rated youngsters at best. My focus the next seasons will be to improve the youth situation, as I think my best shot at getting a 1000 goal player will be to have him come through the academy, rather than signing a 18 year old (at least) on free transfer.
  10. Season 7 completed. Promoted as winners of the Sky Bet League 2 (85 points). Suspect we will remain in League One for at least 2 seasons before further promotion. Was not able to strengthen the team as much as I hoped this summer. Total points so far: 283 points+85 points (this season) = 368 points. Total trophies: 10
  11. Season 6 completed. Promoted as winners of the Vanarama National League (72 points). Total points so far: 211 points+72 points (this season) = 283 points.
  12. I decided to return to this challenge after a break. Season 5 completed. Promoted as winners of the Vanarama National League North (46 points). Total points so far: 165 points+46 points (this season) = 211 points.
  13. Season 3 completed (Edit: Also added season 4 below) Promoted as winners of the Northern Premier League Division One East (30 points) Total points: 100 points (so far) plus 30 points= 130 points. Edit: Season 4 also complete. Won Northern Premier League Premier Division (35 points). Total points: 130 points (so far) + 35 points (this season) = 165 points
  14. Season 2 complete. Three trophies. Won United Counties League Premier Division North (20 points) Won FA Vase (25 points) Won United Counties League Cup (20 points) Total: 35 points (so far) + 65 points (this season) = 100 points.
  15. Season 1 complete. 1.place in United Counties League Division 1 (15 points) and won United Counties League Cup (20 points). Points so far: 35
  16. Yes, I have, but don't like it nearly as much as I enjoy FM22. Therefore I decided a while back to just stay on FM22 instead of pushing a version that feels worse than the previous one.
  17. I'm joining this in FM22 - hope that's okay. Wanted to join a Hamburg based team as I visited the city a few months back. Picked the one closest to a location I actually visited while there.
  18. I don't mean this in any disrespectful way, but how do you make this challenge interesting over time? In my case I ended up with Norwich (FM22) and won the FA-cup in the first season (21/22). In the second season (22/23) I won: Premier League, Fa-cup and Europe League. In the third season (23/24) I won: Premier League, Champions League, Fa-cup, Carabao Cup, UEFA Super Cup and Community Shield. I've just about started the 24/25-season (still in August), and have so far won the Community Shield and the UEFA Super Cup. This is not meant as bragging, but to highlight my "problem" going forward. How do you make this interesting over time? Do any of you play with further restrictions other than the ones in the OP? Would be interesting to know.
  19. I actually don't know if this is an issue in FM22, so please excuse me for posting it in FM22. But this seems like such a small detail that it should be easy to fix, and my guess is that this isn't fixed since FM21. In a network game (2 people), doesn't matter if its in the Bundesliga or Premier League, the whole schedule becomes almost identical. This is annoying and should be fixed.
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