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  1. In terms of the Match Engine, coming straight into the final version from FM22 its far, far better. Much more frequent turn over of possession, some effective pressing, nice central play with through balls and varied play on the wings. It's starting to resemble 'real' football. Star players seem to stand out a bit more. I'm impressed.
  2. You're basing you're ranting on a rating system that doesn't exist within the game. It's likely based on the in game CA/PA system however this does not tell the full story, as a CA 160 defensive midfielder can be more effective than a CA 170 rated defensive midfielder depending on how that CA is distributed amongst the various attributes. And overriding all of that is the fact the CA, PA and attribute ratings rated 1 - 20 do not exist in the real world and they will always be based on opinion which will always be open to alternative opinions. Also, it's just a game.
  3. Create a vacuum and it will fill up with crap. Their communication policy of no communication will generate frustrated comments aplenty.
  4. Yes, i've already made this adjustment in my head. Not touched FM23 so far and are looking forward to the 'full' release over the next couple of weeks. This way you only experience the final/best version of the game without being detrimentally effected by ongoing issues following the November release.
  5. We are actually a patch behind as the full release this year was on the Beta Match engine. I also don't think its appropriate to give Si a 'free pass' until February based on previous behaviours, there are clearly major issues with the current version of the game which should be patched as a matter of urgency regardless of what's happened on previous versions of the game.
  6. In FM22 there was quite a disconnect between the Preview and the actual Youth Intake you received, so much so that I ended up just ignoring the preview entirely. Be interesting to see what you get on intake day.
  7. They don't look very good at all. In particular, one has the Low Determination personality trait which in my experience hinders development.
  8. Why are people referencing waiting until December for an ME update? Appreciate this has been the norm previously, but previously the BETA ME hasn't rolled into the full release. They've already hinted that they are pretty close to having an improved version of the ME, i'm hopeful they'll release this as a matter of urgency when its ready and not just fall back into old patterns of behavior.
  9. I bought it before realising their was no update to the ME from the Beta to the full release, I refunded at that point. Whilst the game seems to have stagnated in all other areas, the actual ME has improved a lot and i'm sure the final version of FM23 will offer the best Match experience yet. I think in my head i'm shifting to only playing and purchasing the game after the final patch in February, until then its very much a work in progress in my mind and a frustrating experience. No doubt, the game is due a massive overhaul, its just bloated so much over the years nothing outside of the Match Experience ties together or makes much sense anymore.
  10. Thanks for the update on the continuation of the Beta ME. Refunding now. First time ever.
  11. Greetings I’ve had a small number of people ask for a tactic this year so here it is. I’ve been using this flat 433 across all the version of the match engine this year and it has worked consistently well at all times. Arguably its performing at its best on the latest version of the Match Engine. Essentially we have a ‘double chevron’ set up with 2 central pivots feeding wide runners. During regular build up the idea is to create overloads in the channels creating multiple situations where a wide running (Mezzala or Advanced Forward) can play a simple pass across the six yard box or penalty area for an attacker to get on the end of. Obviously this set up is very helpful for counter attacking situations where the ball can find its way to the Deep Lying Forward who can feed the more advanced Strikers. Defensively there would usually be concerns about 3 striker formations, however the Deep Lying Playmaker ‘anchors’ the midfield and the Deep Lying Forward operates defensively when out of possession. We also have fairly conservative Full Backs on Support Duty. So it functions pretty effectively defensively all things considered. This is a high tempo, semi direct system with players able to take shooting opportunities when presented with them. (we don’t employ work ball into box) Results Obligatory convincing title win with Liverpool Satisfactory return for Norwich And back to back promotions non league with an academy team I’ve been building for a few seasons. No Oi’s Corners > Left Back takes right corners, Right Back takes left corners Throw in’s > Right Back takes right throw in’s, Left Back takes left throw in’s 22.4 433.fmf
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