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  1. FM is really too easy. With Toulouse, I won the Champions League in 4 years.
  2. IRL, PSG is much worse than in the game. 5th season and they are impregnable, 90 points on average. Kolo Muani is too cheated
  3. Hi @DaveTheEditor Version 3 is still relevant? When do you plan to release it? Thanks
  4. Great job, thank you so much Dave When will be available V3 approximately?
  5. NEWPORT ISLE OF WIGHT 2029/30 Season No trophy but 8th promotion in 8 years !! 53 goals in the league for Ken Aboh !! Sky Bet Championship looks very complicated and I will have to buy myself a defense for to exist..
  6. NEWPORT ISLE OF WIGHT 2028/29 Season Again a great season in the league and 7th promotion in 7 years Nice course in Carabao Cup with elimination of Aston Villa in the 3rd round..
  7. Quite good but the game against Arsenal was at home, in my 4000 seat stadium
  8. NEWPORT ISLE OF WIGHT 2027/28 Season Great season in the league. But big disappointment in the FA trophy final. We largely dominate the match but Notts County equalize 1-1at the 93rd minute and we lose on penalties Prestigious game in the FA Cup against Arsenal, lost 3-5 while we were leading 3-2 in the 60th 410 points however. We are going to turn professional and the next season to the League2 promises to be complicated with squad registration
  9. I have a big problem with the reputation of the club. I'm still semi-professional and no better player wants to come It looks complicated now
  10. NEWPORT ISLE OF WIGHT 2026/27 Season Disappointments in cups but big season in the league and 5th promotion in 5 years. 11 trophies (I won everything at least once except FA cup) and 338 points
  11. NEWPORT ISLE OF WIGHT 2025/26 Season. Good season, ride in the league, little disappointment at the FA trophy but it's ok. I now have to offer wages to players and staff, the serious stuff begins!
  12. NEWPORT ISLE OF WIGHT 2024/25 Season. Treble again, great season especially with the victory in FA trophy ! 4 penalty wins in FA trophy in the 1st round, in 1/8th, 1/4 and in a great final against York
  13. NEWPORT ISLE OF WIGHT 2023/24 Season. Treble, very good season Squad 100% English again
  14. NEWPORT ISLE OF WIGHT 2022/23 Season. Very good season, quite easy. Wessex league cup disappointment. I hope to win this competition next year. I make it a condition to only recruit 100% English players and staff
  15. OK, OK, Sorry. I did some copy paste to modify the FA Cup TV and and I put all the Level 10 clubs in semi-professional, it's maybe that's why? It's weird, I don't understand.
  16. After Upamecano and Rabiot sick and absent against Morocco, it's now Varane and Konaté who are sick
  17. It's very hard but I don't think it looks like luck at this level, especially since 2016. 1 Nations League, 1 Euro final, 2 World Cup finals. No, it's not chance! France has an exceptional breeding ground because let's not forget that in this semi-final, only Lloris, Varane, Griezmann and Mbappe should start in our best team. Maignan, Kimpembe, Lucas Hernandez, Pavard, Pogba, Kante, Rabiot, NKunku, Benzema are absent ! It's exceptionnal !
  18. Lloris is still the weak point of the French team? It's a legend just like Deschamps, Lloris, Varane, Giroud, Griezmann..
  19. Griezmann is in a new role, very interesting between the defensive midfielders and the 2 wingers Mbappé and Dembélé Our weak point is clearly on the right side, Koundé is bad and we lost mentally Pavard ! Foden and Grealish will feast on this side We miss much Kanté in the middle. Pogba and Benzema would have spoiled the atmosphere and the French team is better off without them. Of course, MBappe is our star and the final result will largely depend on his performance
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