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  1. Yeah it's easily the quickest I've done it, think progress will start to slow now though. Mills is so good. He's physical beast which is why I think he scores so many at this level - 101 goals in 130 leagues games sine I took over. It's crazy. Greene is the other end of the scale when it comes to height. I'm thinking a 4231 rather than my normal 433 might be on the cards with Greene. Having a playmaker and 2 wide players cutting in to give him support and ideally slip in through balls to cover for his lack of height. Going to play around with it in pre season.
  2. Season 2026/27 Vanarama National league Review League - What an excellent season this was. After least season the plan was more of the same. We had 3/4 young players ready to step up and either start or be a bench player this year which gave us greater depth but also meant that where a couple of our older, original, players where starting to drop off we had replacements. We started the season a bit slowly but the encouraging thing was that we weren't losing games just not being able to kill teams off. That changed as we clicked and started to get that extra goal or 2 we needed and after around 30 games found ourselves in with a shout of the title. Which was of course when we went a month without a win including losing to bottom of the table. Thankfully the month was Feb so was nice and short and we returned to winning ways not long after. Trouble was we found ourselves 10 points behind leaders Yeovil at this stage so my thoughts turned to securing a playoff place. With 5 games to go we faced Yeovil and drew 1-1 (a 96th minute goal for them costing us) which was then when I noticed that the draw had knocked Yeovil off the top and we were only 2 points off of Rochdale now. We won out from there but sadly so did they as they won the title y 2 points - that 96th minute goal from Yeovil cost us the title! Playoffs it was. Semi final we faced a good Bromley side but goals midway through both halves saw us win 2-0. In the final we would face Yeovil. A real back and forth game which saw us never able to fully pull away but we did win 4-2 and will be a football league club next season! FA Cup - Made it to the 3rd round for the first time ever. Dreams of big money match to ease our finances with the new stadium coming were rubbished when we drew Champions side Fulham at home. They smashed us and we didn't make a massive amount of money. Was on TV though so that 70k covered that months loan at least. FA Trophy - Made it to the quarter finals of this but fixture congestion meant we fell here. Transfers - none in but for the first time we were loaning players out. Squad - Good to see some of the youngsters get significant game time this season. The worry now is that Mills is retiring and his goals will be hard to replace. Was league top scorer this season but I started to phase him out in final months for Aaron Green 26A who is looking good and shipped in with goals once I had him starting. Make no mistake though, the step up and losing Mills is going to be costly next season. Youth Intake - The preview looked great and the intake matched it. We lost our HoYD Scott Mason to AFC Wimbledon late in the season. His replacement isn't as good but is a model citizen and so I'm happy to lose some coaching skills for the much better personality Gentrit Lekaj 27A - a nice looking striker, mentals not great but he's only 15 so time to work on those. John Hamilton 27B - wide option, we need more depth there and he has decent pace and can play both sides Precious Ibrahim 27C - left winger, has pace and can cross. Like him. Ricky Hughes 27D - a OK looking CB. Maybe not got the highest potential but like what I see. Career Overview Season League Position Junior Coaching Youth Recruitment Notes 2024/25 VNLS 1st Adequate Average Promotion, Manager of the year 2025/26 VNL 10th Good Above Average First coaching badge 2026/27 VNL 2nd Good Above Average Promotion via playoffs, Manager of the season, second coaching badge We're also ground sharing with Leyton Orient next season as our ground isn't suitable for the EFL and the new ground won't be ready till the following season.
  3. I hope I never lose the excitement of an international tournament. It's great. With the first 2 groups round we get like a weeks worth of 3 matches a day and then we get knockouts which is always good because it's win or go home. Mix in a few days/nights watching in beer gardens with mates and what more could you want?
  4. Season 2025/26 Vanarama National League Review League - After promotion the aim was just to stay up which we more than did. A very up and down season really, we got a couple of hammerings along the way (especially away from home) but were never really in danger of being involved in the relegation battle. According to the xG table we underperformed but not by much in the end (at one point we were 12th but according to that table we should have been 3rd) and ended pretty much where we should have done in 10th place. FA Cup - Lost out just before the first round which was annoying FA Trophy - made it through a few rounds but our small squad struggled with the extra games so not the worst to go out when we did Transfers - none in or out Squad - Still very small and got smaller by our main man right winger Anthony Jeffery retired in March after he picked up a ACL injury. I did though give fairly significant game time to several of last seasons intake (infact all 4 players tagged last year each played double figures in terms of games this season) mainly as we again suffered injury issues Youth Intake - The Preview had me hopeful and the resulting intake was pretty solid. Sadly the personalities are not the best but did get some nice nationalities to balance it out. Aaron Green 26A - Mills scored 29 goals this season (after getting 50 last year) but he's 34 so we really need a striker to come through. He's small but I'm hopeful. Made his debut off the bench in the final game of the season Tim Locke 26B - A CB that can tackle but can't head? In this FM? Imagine my shock. Looks alright though and we can train his heading Paul Gaynor 26C - With Jeffery retiring another winger is nice. Fast but not a great deal else Vaughn Hadland 26D - Always nice to have a keeper Career Overview Season League Position Junior Coaching Youth Recruitment Notes 2024/25 VNLS 1st Good Average Promotion, Manager of the year 2025/26 VNL 10th Adequate Above Average First coaching badge We also, for some reason, are building a new stadium costing us 70k a month in loans which we can't really afford. Cheers board.
  5. For the first time Season 2024/25 National League South League - Ah the long slog of first season and being in England. I had forgot this pain! Was a good season we started slowly as I figured out the best 11 but then injuries and the relentlessness of England meant we often struggled to fill our bench but it also meant I was forced to keep the same 11 pretty much every match. After the battle we get at Christmas we really found form, so much so that we only lost 1 game from jan onwards. We were always in and around the playoffs as we always scored goals but then first Southend and then Torquay totally bottled the league (despite us only drawing with both) meant that with 6 games to go we went top. We then lost our 19 game unbeaten run to drop back to 2nd but 4 straight wins wo finish the season (we lucked out as 3 of our final 4 games were against sides already relegated) meant we not only finished top but won the league by 4 points. FA Cup - A good run in this, made the first round but League Two Harrogate were too good for us. Not a shock but nice to make the first round proper FA Trophy - Shocking to lose to Whaltamstow as we twice threw away the lead but honestly was likely the reason we won the league as we had 4.5 months of nothing but league games which gave us some rest at times with our small squad. Transfers - None in but losing 2 players who went back to their home countries really hurt our already thin depth Squad - A small one but they done brilliantly, The 50 goals in 50 games from Danny Mills was key. I have no idea how or why he's scored so much and I doubt he'll do it at a higher level but he's pretty much all we've got. A lot of the squad can play lots of roles which cam in handy during the season and meant every got a fair bit of game time. Youth Intake - The preview looked Ok and turned out well with just a few players tagged (though 2 of of them were tagged as 26 rather than 25 because I'm an idiot) Stephen Black 25A - Coaches think he's a DM but he's clearly a CB for me Grzegorz Lewandowski 25B - Gonna make a fortune selling those Lewandowski Dulwich shirts! Luis Muscatt 25C - My back up formation is a 4231 so he could be useful when we use that as doubt he's big enough to play as an 8 in my 433 Latrell McGillis 25D - Again I differ from the coaches who think he's a CB but I'll likely use him as LB. Either way he'll be cover and depth in 2 roles at least Career Overview Season League Position Junior Coaching Youth Recruitment Notes 2024/25 VNLS 1st Good Average Promotion, Manager of the year
  6. No Spurs players make the squad. Gareth taking no chances Wild seeing a Brentford player represent England at a major tournament. May even have to buy a shirt now - when do the squad numbers come out? Toney is the most natural replacement for Kane so can see why he's gone, just hope he's over his own injury stuff now. Been battling a bad hip injury over the past few months which is why his form totally dropped off a cliff. Dunk I assume got the nod due to experience with Maguire missing out and feel Grealish is a victim of Saka and Gordon not being totally fit and so Bowen gets the nod there. Harsh on him but England have Wharton to make the nice 5 yard passes now
  7. I'm probably the worst person to ask about tactics. I pretty much play this: All the time and force players to fit the roles I use rather than be adaptable (though I'm getting better at that) I do tweak things when players are missing but pretty much always use this style whenever I can.
  8. OK here we go with one last try this version. I have unfinished business with Dulwich. Not just from this version but a previous one (FM18 I think it was) where I got stuck in the championship. Profile
  9. I believe it is in the game (or at least was) but no idea how or what triggers it. As XaW says:
  10. My apologies I missed this till just now. Well done though and have added this completion to the HoF as well
  11. Honestly my view currently is that I'm OK with custom databases that follow rules and setups as close to real life as we can find because, while I like we've opened up the challenge to many more leagues in the past couple of years allowing more people to find their own niche and story, we do need to to have at least some kind of rules in order to stop it from being a free for all with custom setups. There was a thread last year (I think?) for the leagues that didn't fit in here so maybe worth looking for that if people are really tied to the idea of a certain nation that isn't usable in this thread.
  12. Congrats, this completion has also been added to the HooFF
  13. As I've previously said, I'm not really around as much as much as I used to be so if you do complete the challenge please try and tag me (or if you see a completion not tagged then tag me) as there's a chance I will miss it - as you've all seen Well done to all that have completed it, I've only ever done it once, though and you all deserve your places in the Hall of Fame
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