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  1. don't tell me, saturday went to sleep at 2045 and woke up at 7 the morning after thanks for trying tho
  2. ahah good night buddy. that is something I have assigned myself, I have also tried to replace it with an ID of a previous selection (Coaching, Medical...) but not even those show up when I click on Hidden. I believe this <flags id="mode" value="5" /> is the key
  3. yes like all the other buttons do? By Hidden I mean the hidden stats like CA and PA
  4. I own the In-Game Editor and I am trying to add a new tab on the Staff panel to show CA and PA but I am miserably failing. I have very little experience with editing FM xmls but I love fiddling around nonetheless. I have managed to add a new radio button by adding the below code on non player profile in non_player <widget class="radio_button" click_event="HdtW" id="HdtW" auto_size="horizontal" appearance="tabs/subsection/normal/top/button" icon_enabled="false" show_button_appearance="true" secondary_icon_enabled="true" secondary_icon="icons/16px/medical" secondary_icon_alignment="left"> <translation id="text" type="use" value="Hidden" /> <event id="click_event"> <flags id="event_id" value="eAtH" /> <flags id="mode" value="5" /> </event> </widget> and have added this in non player attributes panel in non_player <!-- Hidden Table --> <widget class="table" id="aaaa" mode="fill_rows, printable" layout="-4, -1" auto_size="vertical" row_spacing="1" row_height="22"> <list id="headings"> <record alignment="left,centre_y" column_span="2"> <translation id="text" type="use" value="Hidden" /> </record> </list> </widget> <widget class="client_object_label_value_table" id="aaaa" mode="fill_rows, printable" layout="-4, -1" auto_size="vertical" row_spacing="1" row_height="22"> <record id="object_property"> <integer id="get_property" value="objt" /> <integer id="set_property" value="objt" /> </record> <list id="column_widget_properties"> <record indx="0" alignment="left,centre_y" spec="text" /> <record indx="1" alignment="right,centre_y" style="semi_bold" /> </list> <list id="column_table_properties"> <record indx="0" left="8" sort_disabled="true" /> <record indx="1" right="4" sort_disabled="true" /> </list> <list id="viewed_property_ids"> <integer value="Ncra" /> <integer value="Npta" /> </list> </widget> as you can see below the CA and PA shows on any tab while I would like them to show only when I select Hidden: any help is very appreciated
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