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  1. 1 hour ago, snowofman said:

    ahh okay, i'll take a look after i have slept, it's about time now..  it's 1:37 pm and i havnt slept all night.. anyway, if noone else have helped. i'll give it a try when i wake up
    where did you get the id's from ? hdtw ?

    ahah good night buddy.

    that is something I have assigned myself, I have also tried to replace it with an ID of a previous selection (Coaching, Medical...) but not even those show up when I click on Hidden.

    I believe this

    <flags id="mode" value="5" />

    is the key

  2. 19 minutes ago, snowofman said:

    am i understanding this correct.
    you want to be able to click a button and then the "hidden" shows and when you click again it vanishes ?

    yes like all the other buttons do? By Hidden I mean the hidden stats like CA and PA

  3. I own the In-Game Editor and I am trying to add a new tab on the Staff panel to show CA and PA but I am miserably failing. I have very little experience with editing FM xmls but I love fiddling around nonetheless.

    I have managed to add a new radio button by adding the below code on non player profile in non_player

    <widget class="radio_button" click_event="HdtW" id="HdtW" auto_size="horizontal" appearance="tabs/subsection/normal/top/button" icon_enabled="false" show_button_appearance="true" secondary_icon_enabled="true" secondary_icon="icons/16px/medical" secondary_icon_alignment="left">
      <translation id="text" type="use" value="Hidden" />
      <event id="click_event">
        <flags id="event_id" value="eAtH" />
        <flags id="mode" value="5" />

    and have added this in non player attributes panel in non_player

    <!-- Hidden Table -->
    <widget class="table" id="aaaa" mode="fill_rows, printable" layout="-4, -1" auto_size="vertical" row_spacing="1" row_height="22">
      <list id="headings">
        <record alignment="left,centre_y" column_span="2">
          <translation id="text" type="use" value="Hidden" />
    <widget class="client_object_label_value_table" id="aaaa" mode="fill_rows, printable" layout="-4, -1" auto_size="vertical" row_spacing="1" row_height="22">
      <record id="object_property">
        <integer id="get_property" value="objt" />
        <integer id="set_property" value="objt" />
      <list id="column_widget_properties">
        <record indx="0" alignment="left,centre_y" spec="text" />
        <record indx="1" alignment="right,centre_y" style="semi_bold" />
      <list id="column_table_properties">
        <record indx="0" left="8" sort_disabled="true" />
        <record indx="1" right="4" sort_disabled="true" />
      <list id="viewed_property_ids">
        <integer value="Ncra" />
        <integer value="Npta" />

    as you can see below the CA and PA shows on any tab while I would like them to show only when I select Hidden:


    any help is very appreciated



  4. Can anyone confirm if on the end match screen if they switch to the opposition team can see the subs they made? I am attaching a screenshot of what I mean


    as you can see even if Bologna have made 3 subs I can't see any on this screen while if I switch to my team I can see them fine.

  5. 2 hours ago, AurioDK said:

    They are treated as one game, I usually use the "the first leg means nothing" and watch how the game goes ... sometimes I do the silent treatment if I don´t really know what to say.

    thanks for your input however I think you are referring to the pre-game dressing room team talk while I am referring to touchline shouts during the game.

    I do understand that the second leg match team talk has to take into consideration the first leg result but the touchline shouts shouldn't in my opinion. 

  6. I have the impression that when playing a two legged match, in the second leg match shouts have to take into account the result of the first leg.

    I have won 1st  leg 5-0, was 2-0 down in the second leg and have Demanded More to my team and they all have reacted negatively. 3-0 down have Praised them and they were all happy because on aggregate we were still leading.

    Is this intended behaviour? For me if it is intended it is wrong because every game deserves its own focus.

  7. I made 3 subs at the same time, before the changes were made a player of mine was sent off. I was sent to the tactic screen, changed position of my DM to M C and confirmed changes.

    2 subs were completed while the 3rd player I subbed off (ST) was still on the pitch. The Match In Between Highlights was showing the ST as NOT being subbed off but if I was going into my tactics it was shown as being already subbed off and wasn't allowed to sub him or anyone else off getting the error "You do not have anymore substitions" (or something along these lines).

    Bari v Fiorentina.pkm

  8. On 24/12/2019 at 16:33, Angelos Antoniades said:

    Do you mean the games in your first season? There is a 'Do not use real fixtures' option when starting a new game under the advanced options

    Hi Angelos, no I don't mean the first season. It's like this for all the seasons. So for example if I am managing Liverpool and my next game is vs Utd and I look at their last three games played in the Analyst report: they played Chelsea, City, Stoke.

    If my next game then is vs West Ham and again I look at their last three games played in the Analyst report: they played Chelsea, City, Stoke.

    And this goes on always and always even after 100 seasons.

  9. Am I the only one who's annoyed about the fact that the fixture list for a league is not randomized? what I mean is: when I look at the analyst report all the teams I am facing next have had their last 3 games against the same teams. Heck, even Excel has a good randomizer function, why SI has never been able to implement a fixture randomizer?

  10. 3 minutes ago, ethan76 said:

    Thanks again @wkdsoul, I added code for CA/PA and Roles, roles are showing correctly, but unfortunately CA/PA are still hidden.

    if I put <flags id="Pcab" /> <flags id="Ppab" /> instead of <flags id="PCAB" /> <flags id="PPAB" />, CA/PA with stars is showed. Where I'm wrong?

    I don't have the editor, can't help with CA/PA but if you look at the same .xml with the roles you can perhaps find a different value for CA/PA.

    5 minutes ago, ethan76 said:

    Grazie @22764636 ti aggiungerò ai miei contatti steam (il mio è eireann76), ho bisogno di questi parametri per un progetto che sto portando avanti col Fusion DB :)

    se posso esserti di ulteriore aiuto, a disposizione

  11. actually you can add the numeric values for roles. read into properties > person properties.xml and you'll find the values for each role (ie. for DMC it is Pdmc).

    visto che tifi napoli, se sei italiano aggiungimi su steam (HummingbirdFC26) se ti serve aiuto

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