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  1. Ive been sacked again lol This time I was little better 2/2/6 in league and 1/1one in FA cup, and 1 win in FA trophy, but got sacked anyway. Well I have to try with another team
  2. After about quarter of league games here is first update. Its harder than I though and we struggle. We won just one league game and succeeded to make it 3rd round of FA cup with a lot of pain and replay game against Non league club. With 7 loses we sit near the bottom of the table after 11 games. We brought 6 players 3 on loan 3 on free but we are still lacking at some positions and when someone is injured or cant play I have to put youngster or player that is awkward at that position. If you remove green players that are on trial you can see that I am weak at GK, DL, DR, ML and MR some of these trialist will probably improve squad a bit but I guess we will need some more players. I hope we will get better results as half season approach. Ill update than.
  3. I got myself the job at Gosport freshly promoted to Vanarama South. There is only 8 players in first team and 4 in under18 and except goalkeeper's coach no staff, so I have to bring a lot of men. On the other hand comparing to Biggleswade Town's wage budget of 4.5k at Gosport I have 8k so it should be easier a bit.
  4. Started this challenge with Biggleswade Town but got sacked 1 round before the end of season as we got relegated. It was struggle from the beggining, half of the first team were gray players so I had to bring over a lot of players and the wage budget was small. Beside my incompetence in managing the final nails in coffin were couple of defeats against other teams that were fighting to avoid relegation. Not sure should I restart or try to take over one of the teams that will promote in two months?
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