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  1. Always good to read through a Dong21 transfer update! One of the best when it comes to building a squad on a budget
  2. Always enjoy a squad rebuild by Dong so catching up on this thread has definitely been enjoyable
  3. That new CB looks like a real bargain and definitely proves the worth of the DoF as an additional source of scouting! Good luck for the season ahead and fingers crossed you can survive this treacherous first year in charge.
  4. So I'm making another return to my FM19 save, currently half way through the 11th season. I set up the game with the database from the rule set of just the top two English divisions and, I don't know if anyone else has this issue, there is a very large lack of well rounded world class talent out there, especially in central defence. Does anyone know if there was something with AI development where defenders weren't trained to be good on the ball, or is this simply a consequence of the lack of squad depth outside of the two loaded leagues? Not too big a deal at the moment since De Ligt and Dias are still going strong for me but it's a worry for a few year's time when they start their decline haha This has also become noticeable with how the save is going, there's no other saves I have had such consistent domination against even the biggest sides. I would say it makes me bored of the save but then it's always nice to return to some wins if I have another save that's hitting a bit of a rough patch
  5. I've been very much enjoying the CM (A) this year in a lower tempo tactic. It lines up as: ------------------- CF (S) IF (S) --------------------------------- IW (A) ----------- BBM (S) --- CM (A) ------------------- DM (D) FB (S) --- BPD (D) --- BPD (D) --- IWB (S) ------------------- SK (S) The idea is to have the FB, BBM, IF and CF create an overload to draw the opposition to that side, the play is then spread to the IW to attack the isolated FB. They either hit the byline and cut the ball back or cut inside and whip a cross for the CM (A) to steal in unnoticed and score. The IWB helps to cover against a counter attack into the space the CM (A) vacates when he surges forwards.
  6. Brilliant rebuild of the squad - one more DM/CM if you have the budget may just be the icing on the cake!
  7. You are an absolute sucker for pain and torment aren’t you @Dong21 hahaha Good luck in the revival!
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