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  1. thats why you need to use real uids.
  2. You can use first avalaible uid for any type of record (person, city, club stadium...).
  3. No because editor wont recognize your uids. Whats the problem to add real uids?
  4. Sorry i forgot to mention this is case with AI vs AI games.
  5. Possession is always 65-35 or similar. In some cases its 70-30 but never 55-45 or 50-50. I tried to find 1 match but without luck so far. This was issue also on fm23 and it was resolved with last update. No need for any file - just load any nation and play.
  6. Change this to number you want. Its located in comp editor\format\rule group\advanced\comp.xml file. First extract comp editor.fmf with resource archiver. You can leave changed regular folder instead of fmf file when you finish. Editor will work without problems
  7. This is complete serbian lower league system - its not 100% accurate because FM have limitations so i changed some leagues in levels 5 and 6. Level 1,2 and 3 - same as in real life. Level 4 is same but i removed promotion playoff from Beogradska zona because i had problems with playoffs between levels. Level 5 is slightly changed: Level 6 is combination of levels 6 and 7 in real life. Some leagues are same - some leagues are changed so i have good number of teams - also i tried to avoid playoffs between divisions. Level 6 is set to be dynamic so number of teams will change from year to year based on number of relegated teams from above. Also system will change based on number of teams in every league. If league teams number drops - number of rounds will increase and if number of teams increase to 19 or more - system will change to groups. I did all this in order to include all teams from serbian system. In some small leagues i activated some extinct clubs (in reality those clubs sre not extinct but they dont compete every year) in order to get enough teams. Dynamic relegation system is included so there is no teams in wrong divisions. There is total 2084 teams. This is file from FM23 so i have much less work to do. Still need to set reputation for all clubs. I hope i will finish this in next 10-15 days.
  8. No - you must verify your file. SI changed that so we cant load unverified files anymore. Its total noncence but we cant do anything about it.
  9. Yeah its normal red green blue code. Black is 0,0,0 so this is ok.
  10. Probably separately - i need to check how editor writes kit colors on this version. BTW i dont think i will play too much because i cant get my lower leagues to work - as always we have to wait for real release date in march. Every year before final update - we have stupid errors like this.
  11. I bought FM24 and i will try to update this tool to new version.
  12. Generator is not updated to FM24. Im not sure i will update it at all. First time in last 15 years i dont have FM.
  13. TBH i dont know because i dont have these letters in serbian language. I will add this to tutorial xml file.
  14. Yes. Yeah you must use dot instead.
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