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  1. I noticed in-game that Empoli were building a mega stadium with capacity just shy of 80000. I looked in the pre-game editor, and the club's minimum attendace is set to 73000 in 24.3.0 DB. This may have something to do with the unlikely building project. Perhaps one 0 too many in the DB value?
  2. @Zachary Whyte I uploaded 2 saves. One before the board's stadium decision (sudtirol-stadium-1.fm), and a second one after it (sudtirol-stadium-2.fm).
  3. I have encountered this as well. Promotion to Italian Serie A with a club that doesn't have a stadium big enough for that division. Since the club's stadium could not be expanded to meet the requirements, the board stated the club had move to another stadium to compete in Serie A. Instead of moving stadiums, the club remained at the small stadium while a new one was being built. The indicator "Stage: Searching for site; Planned Capacity 12000 (12000 seated)" has remained on the Facilities screen during the building process and after it.
  4. Silly me I thought KFV Warnow was a club name... 😆 I'm not in the macOS ecosystem, so do not know the ins and outs of the different programs. One of the advantages of FM Graphics Configurator is the possibility to use ID and additional text in the filenames and still create working configs automatically. If fm xml app for mac does not funtion similarly, then manually editing the xmls is probably the only way. Adding the directory path to the config if the config is not in the same folder as the images is something that should work fine. All the names of the folders and files must contain only English alphabets, so no umlauts or other diacritical marks - from the screenshots it looks like you have taken this into account.
  5. I recommed using HMan's FM Graphics Configurator. You can drag and drop folders (multiple at the same time) into it, and it automatically adds configs to the dragged and dropped folders. The images must be named with the club IDs: graphics/pictures/logos/ger/Mecklenburg- Vorpommern/KFV Warnow/12345.png You could also use this kind of folder structure and file naming if you want to include club names: graphics/pictures/logos/ger/Mecklenburg- Vorpommern/12345 KFV Warnow.png
  6. Isn't it just plain wrong then? In the Italian league one club from each Serie D group gets promoted to Serie C. Though there promoted clubs' U20 teams are not entered into the youth league system, which is a bug.
  7. If Wikipedia is correct and I'm understanding it correcly, promotion to National League North/South should be 2 clubs from each of the 4 feeder leagues. This is not happening in the game in consistent manner. Often a dissimilar number of teams are promoted from the different regional competitions (as demonstrated below). I looked at the bug forum, but cannot see if this been reported there. Northern Premier ---------------------------- - Isthmian Premier ---------------------------- Concord Dulwich Hamlet Enfield Town Southern Premier Central ---------------------------- AFC Telford Kettering Nuneaton Boro Southern Premier South ---------------------------- Chesham Tiverton
  8. I made a config with all dates (and some impossible ones - all months have 31 days) from 1955 to 2005. Replace the word imagename with the name of the image you want to use, and Firstname Surname with the names (beginning with capital letters) of the person whose picture you want to change. date_lines_config.rar
  9. Notice that you can change contract start date (if more than 1 year is remaining on the current contract) before entering the proper contract negotiations. Offer a new contract in the beginning of a season, and set the contract start date to the end of that season. The player will request a little bit higher wage, but it will probably take at least two seasons before he will begin to pester about a new deal.
  10. This is something I have been wondering for a few versions of the game. Deltatre (43150574) are the only team in the extinct competition Italian Lower Division. The club has a full squad of veteran players ranging from late 30s to late 50s in age (though the oldest one who is 58 in the DB, is 18 at the beginning of a new save - maybe the game considers 58 too old for a player?). These seem to be real people, and there must be a reason this team has been included into the game. Why an active club in an extinct competition?
  11. FIFA and IOC use SGP instead of SIN as an abbreviation for Singapore. https://www.fifa.com/about-fifa/associations/SGP https://olympics.com/ioc/singapore
  12. I have noticed the same thing. Makes building logopacks somewhat more cumbersome with having to have multiple saves...
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