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  1. Great idea! sure i have it but i don't know how use it... can u link a guide on how to merge these kit files?
  2. I'm sorry i HAVE FOUND THE PROBLEM..just TOO MANY db league loaded over 335... reduced them and now everything's works! Can i ask you an advice guys? Do you think the 3d/2d kits file are generally speaking necessary? Example ENG_kits_colours_22-23_FM23.fmf or Germany 22-23 FM23 290123.fmf
  3. NO, i mean it crash if you get in the preferences and RELOAD GRAPHIC DATA and SKIN even if i use the default skin, i remove your files, no more errors... are you graphic files mandatory maybe?
  4. I am sorry but after 1 hr of bug hunting i have found your file the bugged one... If i play with this game LOADS but RELOADING GRAPHIC and the default skin i get a severe error... i attach the log files, if i remove your db everything's works fine. Logs.rar
  5. Sorry its incompatible with E23 - England to Level 11 so i have to remove it...
  6. Very interesting but i have one request.. can u specify REAL from FICTIONAL Tournaments?
  7. File not available... https://prnt.sc/BatMcIwb_vHr Also discord channel doesnt exist...
  8. Hi, great work is it possibile to have this UPDATED for FM23?
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