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  1. Minor update: Connection of the new created teams with the extinct ones and fixed also the Trophee des Champions MOTM winners award.
  2. Respect sir for remembering my request although I've already seen the Belgian db is out! Thanks!
  3. Personally I always welcome lower league databases! Well done my friend!
  4. Is there any lower league db for these following countries? I'm looking for maximum reality of course and not fantasy pyramid.... Thanks in advance! Austria Hungary Belgium
  5. Happy new year mate, this means for example that if I have the X league on view only, the players of the Y team will keep their number as in reality?
  6. Scotland (levels 1-4) and Belgium (levels 1-3) added! Merry Xmas!
  7. File updated with ALL Clubs colors for: Greece (levels 1-2) France (all clubs) Εngland (levels 1-6) Spain (levels 1-4) Germany (levels 1-4) Italy (levels 1-4) Netherlands (levels 1-3) Portugal (levels 1-3) UEFA National teams CONMEBOL National teams ps.New screenshots on first post!
  8. Same here! It would be nice if UEFA can bring back the old competitions as a reply to USL, but it's unlikely of course....I'm just too romantic 😞
  9. File updated with ALL Clubs colors for: Εngland (levels 1-5) Spain (levels 1-3) Germany (levels 1-3) Italy (levels 1-3)
  10. Union Sportive Municipale Marly UID: 6201840 Is wrongly set in Marly-sur-Seille, Grand Est. The city that the teams place is Marly and is a suburb of Valenciennes in Hauts-de-France region. https://www.fff.fr/competition/club/520301-u-s-municipale-marly/information.html https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marly_(Nord)
  11. at first it was an army team in Joinville, after the team was named CO Joinville and was a finalist in coupe Gambardella (youth national cup) in 1961. After it took the name RFC Paris-Neuilly and after the name you mentioned RACING-PARIS JOINVILLE. I edited that team's name according to nowadays name which is RC JOINVILLE. The first 2 teams are connected with RC JOINVILLE in this file.
  12. I know what you are talking about. I thought to recreate this but i would have to add extinct clubs and championships. The way i did nothing is added, last year i changed 2 extinct teams their name to use for FC NANCY and OLYMPIQUE DE PANTIN but hopefully this year the french moderators added those 2 clubs so my file is only fix in the original db!
  13. I also use the sortitoutsi real name fix. I havent check any small detail but if there are some changes i think they will be slightly different, i guess something like: Regional 1 Ile-de-France vs Championnat Regional 1 Ile-de-France go ahead and test it yourself mate
  14. check my other file, i think that is what you are looking for!
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