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  1. Part 2 https://youtube.com/live/OMkZckqitoI?feature=share
  2. Trying to get Kent Utd as far up the pyramid as possible during my daily live streams I approached the chairman in real life and they are following my progress
  3. Just for fun I thought I would see if I could get Spurs relegated to non league and maybe even liquidated Hopefully nobody will be offended as its just a fun challenge Anyway here is a link to the series-
  4. Really hope you fix this one achievement as alot of people are waiting on this one for the completion Check True achievements site if more proof needed Fingers crossed
  5. you can search for staff and sign them or you can place an advert aswell. Search is from recruitment Advert is from staff page scroll over
  6. basically spam south american teenagers until you hit 15 then never think of it again
  7. Bug/Oversight When Selecting Your Team You cannot see which position the players play in unless you drop back to the squad screen, this is counter intuitive and a PITA Please allow us to select position aswell as average rating and condition and morale etc Here is a video I made to show my point-
  8. This is the same on PS5, you get no results. Also cannot ever see player position on team selection screen😭
  9. I have the same issue on PS5. Constantly need to click on profile to see where they play
  10. resolution change failed for me sadly Hope you can sneak in a small patch soon as so many people have mentioned this to me on my live streams of FM 23 PS5
  11. WinALOT Tactic with West Ham, came 2nd in the Prem and won 2 cups in 1st season with no transfers. Here is a video I made on my channel showing how it works in detail Let me know how you get on!
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