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  1. Was always going to happen. It was ultimately a really strange final tournament from him, we should have gone out in the 2nd round, which would have been a fairer reflection on how we performed overall. Hope he now gets a huge Spotify sponsorship and launches a leadership podcast. He's probably the greatest leader the world has ever seen since Napolean, just a shame he didn't have much of a clue about the actual football side of things.
  2. Yeah, these finished the latest in the 2000s 00 2nd July 04 4th July 08 29th June 12 1st July 16 10th July 21 11th July 24 14th July
  3. Did this years Euros finish later then previous years? Seeing prem clubs starting their pre-season friendlies already, when the Euro guys haven't even started their holidays feels wrong. The finalist will get what, a couple of weeks off now before reporting back to their clubs?
  4. Donated. They must be able to build a new ward, or maybe even better - an onsite pub with all of our donations by now, right? I'd happily go over and cut the ribbon for the opening of Oakhaven's OTF Pub when they finish installing the bar.
  5. Got another Oakhaven Hospice letter through the post yesterday How do I tell them to save their money and to stop sending me stuff? @SouthCoastRed !?
  6. YESSS! We're in the final The first decision made - definitely watching it on BBC. I can't stand Rio Ferdinand, but the rest of them are decent enough and I like Shearer on co-coms.
  7. Remember, Man City are also called boring. I'm sure it's an English thing, we never did understand possession football. Football isn't exciting unless it's FULL FRONTAL NO HANDBRAKE SHOTS EVERY MINUTE SWASHBUCKLING HIGH IMPACT HIGH PRESS HIGH INTENSITY CARNAGE!!
  8. Mates have tickets for the big O2 showing, but I am not doing that unless my arms gets seriously twisted. So just watching at home, whilst the wife, who stopped feigning interest in anything football years ago potters about hoovering, on her laptop, or asking really inane questions about plans for the next weekend.
  9. Still can't believe we're in another final Before a ball was kicked there was so much discussion around whether or not we had the best squad and the most talented players. And now I think we can look back and say that it was exactly that, those bunch of extraordinary players that make up our 26 man squad were exactly what made the final possible. We don't play like a cohesive attacking team, but we have so many players of the highest calibre to make a difference and change games - not just in the first xi but everyone who comes off the bench are of the highest standard. If nothing else, that's been proven, and it's nice to see that goes beyond the inflated reputation we put on them. Yea it would be nice to have seen us play like we did in that first half more often this past month, but we really need to be thankful for this generation of players being so damn good. This really may just be the proper golden generation. On Gareth, really doubt he'll stay on whatever happens on Sunday. Everything he said so far sounded like it was his last, and he's intelligent enough to know the level of abuse just isn't worth it. One good win and all the apologies people are now posting on their social medias won't fix that. Football really is unbelievably fickle.
  10. **** me Gareth Southgate is a ****ING GENIUS and you haters can suck his MASSIVE balls.
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