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  1. Now the career can be imported into the new version of FM. With this in mind, here is an idea. Game Day per Real Day. Literally. For one day in real life, you move forward in the Game only one day. The date in the Game and the date in reality must always be synchronous. This story will stay with you for a long time. Maybe for a few years. The challenge is suitable for those who are patient, for those who are not afraid of time. Usually, I spend a couple of minutes on game day. I'm in a hurry for trophies and new results, I can't wait to click "Continue". In my haste, I miss a lot of important things in the Game. I analyze my opponents poorly and pay little attention to analysts’ reports. There will be no rush in this challenge; there will be time for everything. Career conditions can be anything. You can create your own team. You can start a career and set any goals. You can start unemployed. You can just enjoy the process. P.S. By the way, this career can be played in parallel with the usual one.
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