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  1. Thanks, that sounds very familiar. The information overload has definitely caused me to try and block most of it out, ether by changing my preferences to stop it appearing or just not looking at it. The immersion you speak about is a bit of an issue, I barely notice what is going on outside my team any more, even when I try. I used to know all the wonderkids on the planet and who won the league across the world in my games! I really question whether an Inbox is the best way to present the world of FM any more. It leads to a certain playstyle which might not be the best way to create that immersion. Not that I can come up with a better idea
  2. So after a little discussion on new updates for FM23 I realised that I felt a little disappointed that there haven't been any radical changes to the actual way the game is played since.. well a very long time. I've played this game since it was Championship Manager, which is decades! The core of the game is very similar, but each year new features are added, things are imperceptibly tweaked under the hood, the interface changes a bit. Over time the game has grown and grown, but it's also very similar. The way I play the game is also very similar, no matter what version I'm on. There are some things I do a lot Play with my tactics on the tactics screen Look at my players Go to my inbox and hit space thousands of times to get through my emails Play a football match Go to my inbox and hit space thousands of times to get through my emails There are some things I might do a few times a season such as Look at staff Sort out my training Check my finances Do scouting And there are A LOT of other things in the game that I never do. There are a lot of screens I never use, there are screens I did not know exist. I could easily get lost in the game, but I don't because I stick to what I know and don't venture too far. It occurred to me that the game has a lot of bloat and it is unwieldy. I said in another thread that it reminded me of Microsoft products like Word, where the core functionality of the program, the thing I needed to do to achieve my goal when using it, becomes lost under layers of added features that only a tiny percentage of people actually use. On top of that, bloat extends to every screen. From a design perspective almost every screen is very hard to read and consume because there is so much to take in. Again I've been playing for decades so I know which bit of a screen I need to pay attention to, which means I basically ignore most of the info presented to me. If I didn't ignore it I would never be able to finish a season in my lifetime. So essentially what I'm saying that personally I not only ignore 80% of the features and screens of the game, but 80% of the content on each of those screens. So I wonder what is the value for it to be there, and wouldn't it make sense to design the interface in a much more streamlined way that fits the way users actually play the game. So thats why I wondered am I alone in playing this way? Are other people spending their time playing FM by endlessly ignoring everything on screen until they get to the interesting bit. I know SI wanted to change this behaviour but I haven't seen much in the way of radical change. Am I alone here? How do other people play the game? Do you read everything? What do you ignore? Do you mostly just hammer your way through your inbox till a non skippable action occurs or a game? Let me know.
  3. Thanks. I know a lot of work and emphasis goes into the match engine to really make it better each year, and thats not surprising as it's what a lot of people talk about and complain about. I barely tend to even notice that if I'm honest as I mostly watch on extended and view the whole game in a more abstract fashion. I don't actually take what happens on the pitch that seriously if that makes sense. Thats why I think that bigger questions about what can be changed about the game should be addressed at some point, rather than the same tweaking we get each year.
  4. I'm going to be honest that I haven't had time to play Fm23 as much as I would like so I'm really going on my first impressions which might change over time. *Disclaimer my last version was FM21. My overall impression is.. what changed? I know that is my general reaction to most versions of the game which is why I tend to skip at least one year each time. FM21 had some nice changes and alterations to the UI which I thought were clunky and annoying and didn't make sense, and which seem to have been carried through to this version. So far I've really only noticed: Changes to the way pressing is presented, which I like. It feels a lot more logical and less of an effort to translate exactly what is being described in the team instructions. It's pretty superficial however The Squad planner is the feature I was most interested in. I'm quite unhappy that it seems to have replaced the feature I used the most in previous versions: Squad Depth. Why can I only see one position at a time?! What is the point? Or I can try and view it horizontally which makes me want to tilt my head to the screen. I'm absolutely baffled by this change. It all feels so convoluted and much harder to understand than the simple squad depth screen. What is this obsession SI have with making a basic pitch screen with your players laid out on it a secondary view, they did it with tactics so that I have to expand it each time just to see my tactics. Why would I prefer to look at a list view as my primary view of my players?! Supporters stuff. Seems like a rebadge of other things happening in the game, I can't see me ever even looking at it Scouting I heard has changed, but I can't see how really. Seems just as convoluted and annoying as ever. I saw a video from one of the devs talking about how their goal is to reduce the whole 'click click click' behaviour of just wading through your emails until you see something useful. So far that is exactly what I am doing. I'm still getting a lot of pointless emails, hitting space to get through them. I think the game needs a massive UI overhaul if you ask me. It is starting to remind me of what happened to programs like Word or Photoshop, where endless features were added and hidden away, and only power users knew where they were or what they did, so that they could cater for everyone. It's my job so I tend to notice these things, but I feel like if they went back to the drawing board and removed 75% of the screens of this game it would be a lot better. They could make screens far more intuitive and easy to understand. Right now I tend to just ignore everything and hit the big flashy button. Do I need to read pages of text every time something happens? Does anybody read all this stuff?! So overall. I have no idea if this version is good or not, it doesn't seem very different and all the same problems remain. I still love the game don't get me wrong, but it could be really improved with a bit of design bravery.
  5. I’ll just echo the point that I think all these creators are very useful for understanding the concepts behind the game, how you might set up a tactic and get it to work and play in the style you want. Ive made the mistake of zeroing in on individual comments and taking them as hard and fast rules in the past though, it’s wrecked some of my games. For instance, I like to play a lowish block 442 quite often and am always on the look out for advice on doing that. There is so much conflicting advice on how to do it. At one point it was all about low line of engagement, high pressing and tight marking. I tried that because it also suited my ideas, but it never worked better than regular settings and just swapping mentality. So I just think with every bit of advice given there is always ‘it depends’ attached. I feel like the game is too complex yet simple to say one tactic works all the time, and I usually need to tweak things during and between matches. That’s why I think it’s better to understand the WHY rather than the WHAT in this game
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