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  1. For the popup: panels/game/game processing panel.xml For the days: panels/game/processing calendar day panel.xml
  2. Agreed on the board feedback. The tab bar is a contrast ratio of about 4:1, which is AA compliant, but not AAA. Although the main reason was the tab bar being a pain. I'll consider fiddling around with it more.
  3. Line 7 of player overview panel: <container default_height="-1" priority="1" background_colour="bg"> Remove background_colour="bg"
  4. I believe that ID is the knowledge one (as there is no ID under the "knowledge" note, it appears they have annotated beneath each ID). Try changing PsRK with PRpo.
  5. You'd want to edit club/club scouting overview.xml. Rows 131-151 define the columns. Find and add the id for recommendation.
  6. Hover over one of the menu bars at the top (e.g. Overview/Contract/etc...). Sometimes the alignments do funny things. Let me know if that doesn't rectify it.
  7. Looks like the wrong Alt files for Dark mode were uploaded. Well spotted, and apologies. I've fixed that now and re-uploaded. For just the replacement Alt Files, here's a separate download: Mustermann Iconic Alt Files
  8. I don't intend to for FM25. What happens in terms of how I like to play the game with a data-led approach, and for future editions, it's impossible to know right now, as we don't truly know what the engine change has in store for us. If you wish to disable player search, you need to edit Mustermann Iconic/sections/sidebar sections.xml, line 487: <record id="plas" human_object_type="HOTc" /> This needs to be changed to: <!--<record id="plas" human_object_type="HOTc" />--> You'll then need to save the file, reload the skin with caching off. If you also want to disable staff search, that is line 709: <record id="stfs" human_object_type="HOTc" /> This needs to be changed to: <!--<record id="stfs" human_object_type="HOTc" />-->
  9. v1.2 OUT NOW - including Light Mode Introduction of Light mode Expansion of customised home page widgets Pizza chart graphics updated to include guidelines at 10th percentile and distinction between those metrics above and below the 50th percentile Replaced heatmaps in match report with formation Addition of bookmark button in titlebar Addition of next unread, mark all as read, and save note buttons to inbox Expanded pasty charts to include drill down by position Addition of defensive actions, excitement factor and passing breakdown to player profile Data Hub option added to performance section of player profile Added an attribute key to player profile Added bans as to player profile Restored edit appearance button to manager profile Added manager characteristics to manager profile Added text for studying new qualification to manager and staff profiles Added competition reputation history graph Restored formation fluidity indicator to tactics pitch Added player mugshots as option for custom views Download Mustermann Iconic v1.2
  10. Thank you for your feedback. As the kind gentleman before me have said, this is not possible with the chosen layout. Grouping attributes by training groups, however, helps to highlight the relationship between different attributes and how they interact on the pitch. It does not take long to get used to it, I assure you.
  11. You'll need to change the graphics in graphics/mustermann/attributes. Depending on how much you plan on increasing them you'll probably need to quite a lot of files to accommodate. Basically any panel that has attribute_circle defined in them. A find in files search in Notepad++ will be your friend
  12. I do not believe there is a setting to control this. Or at least not that I've found. You can try playing with the background colour for that whole container, set in tactics/tactic overview side panel.xml.
  13. Correct. It's not part of the tactic page, as it is merely a summation of support duties (relative to the mentality). I cannot recall which bit of code you would need to add back in to tactics/tactic overview side panel.xml, I'm afraid, so you'll need to extract the base files yourself and have a look around.
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