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  1. November 2047 An excellent month with an important but surprising win over Man City and getting dominant results in the league.
  2. October 2047 Another loss in the league as Celtic smash us, and Hearts are within 3 points of us as a result.
  3. September 2047 A disappointing FMing at home to Hearts, but still a good month.
  4. 2047 Summer Transfer Window Our success in Scotland is finally getting noticed, as we make 2 huge sales on deadline day. Cristian I'm a little sad to lose, but we brought in a reasonable replacement that could possibly grow to be a similar ability. I also couldn't say no to a team like Bayern, it's just unrealistic. We make a cool 24.25M profit off his sale. The other big sale wasn't as damaging to our first team, as a new signing demoted him to the bench, but Cesarano still had a great story with us. Bought from Lazio for only 300k, he scored 40 goals in 65 league games for us, and now he's off to the Bundesliga, netting us 21.2M in profit. Our depth is affected a little bit, which isn't ideal if we want to make a deep European run again, but we have a few youth players that aren't too much of a step down. We make a few shrewd deals, but also some big ones (albeit heavily back ended). We're a stronger team as a result, and we're going to have a huge season if everyone stays fit. Eleftheriou comes in as Cristian's replacement, and Dunn is why Cesarano's departure was less painful. We absolutely killed it this preseason, beating every English team who came to Scotland, before scoring 15 goals in our first 4 league games, including 6 against Celtic. We get a relatively favourable draw in the Champions League too. I expect to beat Rudes, Anderlecht, St Pats Athletic and Aktobe, which should be enough to qualify before we come up against Bayern and the team who beat us in the final 2 seasons ago in Barcelona.
  5. Our second straight treble season, and we cracked 100 points I feel like it's going to get even better next season as we have 10x the transfer budget, so expect a lot of backended deals in the summer. Best XI Lucas Berríos - Oli Hopkins - Mikail De Witte Progress
  6. April 2047 Three league titles in a row in basically confirmed now, but I want to try and crack the 100 point mark.
  7. March 2047 The lead shrinks to 12 with the loss to Celtic, but hopefully that's still a big enough gap.
  8. February 2047 So apparently we can smash Rangers when it's not in the league? But another excellent month, and we're 13 points clear at the top heading into the business end of the season.
  9. January 2047 Unceremoniously dumped out of the Champions League which likely means we'll be here for at least another season, and I'm not mad about that. Still haven't finished building the club into what I want it to be. At least we'll be unleashing our fury on the league, where we have a shot at going 5 wins clear at the top.
  10. December 2046 A very busy December, but a hugely successful one as we win every domestic game and pick up out 3rd consecutive League Cup. We're also in some danger of missing the Champions League playoffs, a huge turnaround from making the final last year.
  11. November 2046 Flawless domestically, but two tough losses in the Champions League sees us drop out of the playoff spots. Also interesting to see Haverfordwest there down the bottom, looks like Cardiff Corries lasted all but 1 season on top after me
  12. October 2046 Our second league loss to Rangers allows them to close the gap significantly, but we were short our front 4 so I'm not too concerned. We also sit in a good spot in the Champions League, sandwiched between the Old Firm.
  13. September 2046 A strong month, as we rise to the top of the table, already 7 points ahead of Rangers who beat us week 1.
  14. 2046 Summer Transfer Window A lot of development loans again, and we have a lot of Clark's 5 of them out on loan. While it looks like we've spent 17.5M this transfer window, we've only spent about 2M as it's all backended. It's good that we're still at the stage where cheap players immediately improve our team, because we only had a 6M transfer budget despite our new riches. Maybe next season? No Invincibles suspense this season, as we drop our first game to Rangers. But the season is long, so plenty of time to catch them. Tough draw, but I'm hoping we beat Nice, Shamrock Rovers, Antwerp and Stuttgart fairly reasonably.
  15. We ended up making the Champions League final, but it was a step too far as we were completely outclassed by Barcelona. Still, a huge effort given the team we have, and it's only going to get stronger next season. Speaking of, it now looks like we're the highest reputation club in Scotland, but we're not a half star better than the next best, so we're here for a 3rd season. It doesn't feel right to only spend 2 seasons here anyway, as I feel I haven't left my mark yet. Best XI Oli Hopkins - Lucas Berríos - Kit Parsley Progress
  16. April 2046 We've secured the league, and we're somehow in with a shot at qualifying for the Champions League final after smashing Dortmund and a home draw with Inter.
  17. March 2046 We're back in form, and now it's near impossible for us to lose the league. We're also through to the last 8 of the Champions League after a phenomenal win in Munich. One of these teams are not like the others
  18. February 2046 Alright, here comes the poor form at the end of the season. But we're also somehow ahead of Bayern as we head into the 2nd leg. I don't expect to win, but the fact we're pushing the defending champs is huge.
  19. January 2046 Now 17 points clear Hopefully we don't make it difficult for ourselves later on. We play Rangers in the Champions League playoffs, meaning that only one Scottish team will be left, as there's no way Celtic is beating City.
  20. December 2045 It took 20 games, but we finally lost in the league after a busy month and fixture congestion. But we're still 12 points ahead
  21. November 2045 We're really starting to pull away in the league now, and we edge closer to the top 8 of the Champions League League Phase, and it's cool to see we're likely going to be joined by the Old Firm.
  22. October 2045 Still undefeated in the league, and an emphatic win over Chelsea in the Champions League probably ensures qualification into the next round if everything goes the way it should.
  23. September 2045 We get our firs non-wins of the season, including a convincing loss to Ligue 1 runners-up Lens. But we're 5 points in front early, and if our late season form last year was any indication we'll need those 5 points.
  24. 2045 Summer Transfer Window A lot of loans, as we give our 19-23 academy players outside my 22 man main squad a chance to develop. We've also strengthened the first team, and although we're weaker than we were last season, it's not by much and we won't be paying a bunch of loan fees, so we'll be losing a lot less money through the season. It also looks like there's plenty of room to grow as well, so we should end up making some money off them in the future. We are yet to lose a game, but our defence has been a bit suspect at times. But still, the 3-0 win over Celtic is encouraging. We just can't escape Union Berlin But I'm hoping wins against Red Star and the Hungarian champs can propel us into the knockouts if we can scrape a few other results.
  25. We made it look extremely difficult in the end, but we managed to win the league, the club's first since 1952 and the first since 1985 that a club outside the Old Firm won the league. I'm really surprised we won it so quickly, but I guess there are a plethora of players to choose from with those meta attributes when you have the money to bring them in. Best XI Haden Housley - Sværke Fuglår - Kit Parsley Progress
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