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  1. Terrible decision, that. Do you really want to finish off Mobile that much?
  2. Could somebody please send me a screenshot with Kazuyoshi Miura's Player ID number?
  3. Bruno Guimarães is unplayable today (not on the good way though)
  4. Thanks for not jumping, Everton... Cameroon 1 x 0 Brazil
  5. If the fullbacks are supposedly that bad, why not try 3 centrebacks? That worked on 2002 at least. Bring Fabinho with Casemiro to make a duo of defensive midfielders and that could make sense
  6. Raphinha isn't working, hope Tite realize this sooner rather than later. Bring Antony or Gabriel Jesus
  7. Here it is: https://youtu.be/5oqp_tq8OEg
  8. With logo pack: 11 minutes. Without logo pack: 1 minute. In any case this wasn't a problem on other FM Mobile versions. Game cache isn't working.
  9. Xiaomi Redmi 9C (2GB RAM, Octa-core Max 2.30 GHz), Android 10. For the record only the initial app loading (before the main menu screen) is abnormally slow, other loading times are on par of FM Mobile 22.
  10. How do you show this window, just click the personality?
  11. Same here! The only time FM Mobile 22 took a long while to load was once after I cleared cache, just once! Looks like FM Mobile 23's cache isn't working as intended! Here, I created a topic in the Bug Tracker:
  12. Every time I start FM Mobile 23 the game stays loading in the copyright screen for more than 10 minutes before getting to the start screen! I've installed a logo pack and a lite face pack like my FM Mobile 22, that happened as well before on that version but only once after clearing cache. Now on 23 it's always when I start it... Seems like FM Mobile 23's cache isn't working as intended, is it true?
  13. Same case here, I've only installed logos and a lite face pack and it's always the same long load time! Looks like the game cache isn't working properly...
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